When we think of Scotland…

We think of its rugged mountains, vast heaths and beautiful cliffs, but most of the time we tend to overlook the things that make Scotland what it is. We are about to take you on a five senses adventure to Scotland!

The spirit – like no other, Scotland is the home of freedom, and what makes this possible is the people. You may have heard of “People Make Glasgow”, a widely used term in the city of Glasgow to express its vibe and culture. The saying has been adopted by the people and can be regularly seen outdoors – ultimately giving the city the title of ‘the world’s friendliest city’.

This can be said for all of Scotland as the spirit is the same! We have created a sensory experience,  just for you, to showcase the beauty of Scotland!

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When we think of Scotland - Perthshire at dawn
Hear Scotland with our StayScottish with Panoptic Playlist

The Five Senses Adventure – Hear Scotland

If you’ve heard the Scottish accent (especially Glaswegian), surely you must have wondered if our accent reflects our music – but no worries, we’ve got you covered!

Recently, we created a #StayScottishWithPanoptic playlist where we deliver a vast variety of music from Scottish artists.

The playlist gets updated weekly, meaning there’s always new artists and songs you can catch up with – listen here!

The Five Senses Adventure – See Scotland

With our #TravelTuesday hashtag, we have been posting images from Perthshire to Edinburgh, Glasgow to St Andrews to give you a glimpse of the Scottish scenery. Every city has a different atmosphere with lots to offer, so it would be unfair to put all cities in the same spectrum!

See Scotland - Edinburgh City at Night

The Five Senses Adventure – Taste of Scotland

Unless you’re from Scotland, it’s highly likely that you haven’t tried haggis, or tasted our national drink Irn-Bru, which is why we have rolled up our sleeves to give you a taste of Scotland!

To present our national gastronomy, we’ve come up with our top favoured dishes, with 16 different recipes from drinks to desserts – we’ve got it all!

Our Favourites…

One of our favourites has got to be the highlander shortbread, a true national treasure! All you need is 5 ingredients and some passion, next? Sit back and enjoy a taste of Scotland from the comfort of your own home, wherever you are!

Highland shortbread and iconic drink cocktail

As a result of the pandemic…

We have been unable to elaborate on the sense of touch, but we cannot wait to welcome you to our home country while creating exciting and memorable events for you guys to attend, and learn more about our picturesque Scotland.

Download our Scottish Destination Management Brochure

We hope you enjoyed our five senses adventure to Scotland.

If you’d like to learn more about Scotland, our destination management brochure, which is available to download, highlights the stunning views of the country while providing information on the service we offer. 

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