What happened to the Events Industry?

With the unprecedented lockdowns, strict travel bans and social distancing measures, the events industry has inevitably taken a hard hit. Decimated by the impacts of COVID-19, event professionals have found difficulty in generating income in times of financial hardship and ill health. That is where the #WeMakeEvents – saving the industry – campaign comes in…




Saving The Industry – The Movement

Founded by Plasa, the #WeMakeEvents movement is an international campaign amplifying the voice of the live events supply chain. The movement is currently being leveraged by industry professionals in the hope of raising awareness and funds for the hard working people within events and entertainment industry.

Red Alert WeMakeEvents
Lightitinred The SSE Hydro

Niall Horan, Biffy Clyro, Christopher Ecclestone and many more…

At the height of the campaign, major support was received by artists and comedians, including Niall Horan, Biffy Clyro, James Bay, Christopher Ecclestone and many more. On the official #WeMakeEvents website, a section has been created to specifically show the impact the pandemic has had on industry professionals. This is an indication of the level of disruption caused by the arrival of the pandemic.


In the aim of fulfilling our role and having our voice heard, Panoptic Events, of course, got involved with the campaign. We joined up with our colleagues, clients and other event professionals across the country to light up our social media, venues, offices… in red on the 11th of August 2020 in support of the #LightItInRed.


Regularly posting on our social media, we have made it clear that the industry is in need of grants – not loans, extension of the furlough scheme until the industry is back to work and extension to the self-employment scheme, tailored towards the industry!

,Do you want to learn more about the #WeMakeEvents Campaign, check out the website here. You will find the range of events and campaigns that took place so we could be heard.