Last year was, shall we say, interesting? But here’s to 2021

We learned a lot about ourselves and took the time to rest, read, reach out and reconsider, and now it’s time to start 2021 with you! 

Panoptic have compiled an E-book based on some things which kept us going, I hope it helps you. 

I was also featured on a Podcast recently talking about the effects of the Pandemic on the Events Industry, plus my response. I cover Vision, Goal Setting and how to improve your Life / Work balance. 

Grab a cup of tea, and have a listen. I would love to hear your own tips for 2021 also. 

Remember Panoptic is here for all your live, hybrid and online event needs. Get in touch for a chat.

Panoptic Events - 10 things we learned in 2020

Coping with a pandemic and keeping a strong mindset

Thank you to Alan Foster at Printism for the recent interview on his Printism Media Podcast. 

I was asked about how I approached the Pandemic, my balance for putting life first, and my goal setting techniques.

“Craig McGee is the owner of Panoptic Events. The events industry has been devastated as a result of the COVID 19 crisis and as a result, Craig has found himself sharing his lifestyle and work practices to a whole new audience. In this episode he talks about goal setting, visioning and working to find a work/life balance we should all be looking for.”

Click here to listen to Craig on the podcast!


Printism Media Podcast