#WeLoveEvents and #Weloveyou…

You may have noticed on our social media channels we are spreading the love to as many event sectors as possible on the lead up to the day of L.O.V.E. on Sunday. #WELOVEEVENTS is our way of showing how much we love what we do, and celebrating with our clients the good times we’ve had.

Although live events may not be happening right now, we are shining the hope that we will all return stronger than ever before.

If only you could see Scotland now and all of this glorious snow! Here at Panoptic HQ it’s been just as wild as the weather outside our home office’s windows. 

We are pressing on with our planning, visioning and adapting during this time – our mindset is positivity only. Panoptic has spent the last year fine tuning our systems, and now we are ready to introduce 5 new team members through the Kickstart Scheme, as well as launching our new website REAL REAL SOON!

We have also been experimenting lots over this time – we even tried our first voice tweet over on our Twitter page this week! Check it out if you’ve missed my glorious Glaswegian accent over the last year ?!

Panoptic is here to bring you a helping hand and a big spoonful of inspiration and hope as always.

What do you love about events?

Is it the people? Music? Food? Drinks? Atmosphere? EVERYTHING?! We would love to hear from you!

We can’t wait to be back together:

? Dancing in a bar

? Singing at a festival

? Hugging at a sporting event

? Celebrating our wins

✈️ Travelling the world

? Getting the best ‘instagram-able’ pictures!!

Check out our campaign video below:

#WeLoveEvents Campaign Video

10 Valuable Lessons From 2020

It’s the end of the week and Panoptic knows we all sometimes need that extra push to get us to the weekend and our newest ebook will do just that!

This ebook is packed with 10 valuable lessons that we took away from 2020, as well as how we are using them as our ?rocket fuel? for 2021.

Panoptic Events - 10 things we learned in 2020