Panoptic Events grows team to seven members.

During these unprecedented times where the global economy has taken a hard hit, the events sector has inevitably fallen to its knees due to limitations. Unable to operate as usual, event organisers have switched to hosting virtual events to keep the industry alive. 

At such time, Glasgow-based events company Panoptic Events have had a year of learning, systemising and educating themselves. They are an organisation who have been taking pride in embedding a learning culture within their business. As an organisation that operates globally, they have shared their research findings with friends across the world, keeping connections intact. 

Lately, the events company has been expanding their team through the Governments Kickstarter Scheme. Panoptic Events have recently employed five new team members, with each individual bringing fresh new ideas to the company. 

They are pleased to introduce:

Molly Harper, Sponsorship & Experiential Manager
Stuart ‘Tarzan’ Wood, Event Coordinator
Ceren Oruc, Marketing Assistant
Courtney Hughes, Sales Manager
And Amanda-Jane ‘Ajay’ Johnstone, Head of Events.

The CEO of the organisation, Craig McGee has stated that “At the start of 2020, there was a major uncertainty across the world with the future of events. Panoptic as a company were affected, as many were. I wrote out a plan to play the long game and aim to return stronger than before. Remaining positive throughout the year, Panoptic looked to learn, evaluate, optimise and put systems in place for growth. With the announcement of the Kickstarter scheme, we were able to create roles within the business, based on the planning that had been done. I have been delighted that we are able to bring young passionate people into the workforce, to help them start their career in events. I am excited to see them grow.”

Panoptic Events are in discussions with a number of clients about events, both live and online, and see light at the end of the tunnel now for the industry. 

One of the newest members of the team, Ceren Oruc has said that: “As the new marketing assistant who recently joined the team, l was thrilled to be joining a group of young professionals who are all very motivated to create memorable events. With Craig’s (CEO) expertise and direction, l cannot wait to contribute, participate and learn about events!”

The team has grown to seven people, with recruitment about to start for an eighth member. 

Meet the full team here.