New website loading… After a year of hard work and effort, we are pleased to announce that our new website is up and running! 

We’re back with a bang! Since 2014, we have been finding ways to create the most memorable events for our clients. From start to finish, we take great care in assisting you with every step of the way. Using our expertise and knowledge within the industry, creating world-class events is second nature to us.


Panoptic Events have been involved in over 3000 events, while constantly striving to exceed expectations and deliver world-class experiences for our clients, we have recently launched our new website. It’s time to present you with the Panoptic experience straight to your screen.


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Our three brands

Where it all began…

It all started when our Chief Events Officer, Craig McGee, had a vision of creating the ideal website in 2018. In the office, he used up an entire wall to present his vision and what he wanted for his business and his website. Splitting the three Panoptic brands (Experience, Events & Prestige) across different sections of the wall, he illustrated his idea to the web designers. Throughout the process, we have worked alongside industry professionals, and have developed our site to create a virtual Panoptic experience. To enhance our existing brand identity, we believe that it is of high importance to place innovation and creativity at the heart of our organisation.

We’re back with a bang! We know that change and development are critical factors to this – which is what urged us to make this big changes to our existing website.

Our Learning Culture

By embedding a learning culture into our company, we want to establish our place in the events sector as an educational organisation, which is what ultimately gave us the idea of creating the ‘University of Panoptic’.  As we place high importance on learning and development, we regularly create resources for everyone to read, plus an insight into the services on offer, which can be found here. 


As well as our well stocked resources page, you can find information on our latest articles, news stories and case studies too – just head over to our ‘News’ section.

Our Three Brands

Our three brands are here to deliver your legacy! For Experience, we work across multiple sectors and are able to place your brand across many events – your brand can reach a market you might not currently be looking at. 


Using our networks, connections and years of experience, Panoptic’s Event service can become your event partner. We can work together to create a long-lasting legacy, and we will complement your own events strategy.


And last but not least, our Prestige brand. We have connections across the globe, which allows us to create luxury, high-end and exclusive events just for you. Do you wish for a Five Star castle in the Scottish countryside? Private transportation? Exclusive Penthouses with the most amazing views? What about your own private island? We can bring all of this and more to you!


As an experienced event management company, we work hard to deliver world-class experiences cross-sector that amaze and inspire, and our mission is to be known for our international expertise in event delivery, leading the creative curve in event design with access to the world’s stage.


At Panoptic Events, we are here to provide you with the highest quality event experience, whether it’s for an Experience, Event or a Prestige high-end event, all of our brands are at your service! 


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