The last year has taught us a lot! Education is one of our main values and we wish to constantly learn. With all our research, we want you to see what we are learning also. With this, we have launched a number of E-Books this year. 


With some restrictions easing off, our team has been super productive over the past few weeks:

? Working on some interesting events.

?We are expanding our knowledge with our Clubhouse events and e-books – Plus we give you the content for free!

?Our website is on the horizon – launching next week!

?I am on the radio this Sunday morning (See details below)

?Check out this feature on Insider

?AND, we are expanding our team once again…

?Keep an eye out for the updates! 


Hunter & Haughey, hosts of the Go Radio Business Show.

“The Board you can’t afford.”

As two of Scotland’s most inspirational leaders, Sir Tom Hunter and Lord Willie Haughey look to inspire, inform and entertain with insight, advice, education and guidance!


On Sunday morning, Craig McGee will be on the Go Radio Business show asking a couple of questions to the “Board you can’t afford” and learning from these two great entrepreneurs. Listen in from 11am, or catch up on Spotify or Apple afterwards.

(You can listen right here!)

Monetising online events

As promised, we have officially launched our newest e-book on ‘Monetising Online and Hybrid Events’ with all the findings from our last Clubhouse event.