Last month, we witnessed the first lifting of restrictions across the UK, bringing a wave of optimism and excitement to many brands, including ourselves here at Panoptic Events. While this is undoubtedly fantastic news for the industry as we witness live events, festivals and opportunities for brand activations popping up everywhere across the nation, the demand for effective digital and hybrid brand experiences is still very much on the rise.

 After over a year of insecurity for live events and in-person brand activations, it is no surprise that digital experiential marketing campaigns and virtual events have become integrated into society as part of the ‘new norm’. However, the increasing demand for effective digital brand experiences despite normality resuming doesn’t come as much surprise either, given the endless possibilities that exist when it comes to integrating touchpoints and allowing audiences to become the content creators of the brand themselves, resulting in memorable experiences that keep consumers engaged and connected. 

Experiential Digital Marketing
Experiential Social Media Marketing

Benefits of Going Digital

First and foremost, creating an appealing narrative and brand story to entice consumers to interact and engage are crucial components when designing effective experiential marketing campaigns. This is no different when it comes to designing a strong digital brand experience. However, utilising technology presents a new opportunity for brands to create high-quality content to engage consumers through truly interactive environments which initiate a long-lasting bond while differentiating themselves and their product offerings from competitors. 

Going digital with your experiential marketing campaign or integrating both digital and live aspects brings a whole host of benefits that you may not have considered before. On the one hand, providing audiences with a unique, live experience combined with online elements can effectively promote a brand while simultaneously allowing consumers to feel a part of the story. On the other hand, executing a digital brand experience allows for heightened brand awareness and decreased cost-per-touch, while incorporating social media into your experiential marketing campaign allows for creative interactions with consumers before, during and after the campaign, resulting in increased ROI.

With the cutting edge technology that now exists such as VR, AR and 360 video content, the opportunities are endless to re-imagine the brand experience and design seamless, effective interactions for consumers from a diverse range of audiences, highlighting the infinite benefits of going digital with your experiential marketing campaign. 

The Importance of Adapting to an Increasingly Digital World

The future of the brand experience is one that is diverse and unpredictable, yet hugely exciting. Emerging technologies are making significant changes to the nature of interactions between brands and consumers and this is no different in the realms of experiential marketing, highlighting the importance of adapting to an increasingly digital world. 

That being said, modifying your experiential marketing tactics to fit new digital realities doesn’t need to be daunting. As aforementioned, digital experiences present brands with a unique and exciting way of creating an emotional and lasting bond with their consumers and an effective means of grabbing the attention of potential customers, influencers and media. 

There is no doubt that experiential marketing will take on the importance of adapting to an increasingly digital world as new social media platforms continue to emerge and technology rapidly develops, and here at Panoptic, we cannot wait to see what the future of the brand experience holds.

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