The Current State of the Events Industry

Last week, something very exciting happened here at Panoptic Events. I was delighted to be invited to be a panelist on the Delegate Wranglers Live Show, taking part in a ‘State of the Industry’ discussion. Since March 2020, the Delegate Wranglers have been delivering live shows to its members to uplift, educate and up-skill the group throughout these challenging times, so you can only imagine our excitement here at Panoptic Events when I was asked to join the discussion. Being asked to star as a guest panelist further justified what Panoptic Events as a company are doing to push on in the current climate, and I was delighted to take part in what was a truly insightful show. So, let’s take a look at what we have learned recently about the current state of the events industry and what happens next.

What’s Happening Now?

It goes without saying that the events industry has been hit particularly hard as a result of the pandemic and the uncertainty around the return of the live, in-person events that we all love and miss dearly. On the one hand, the industry has been affected more so than others, experiencing a lot of bumps and hurdles over the course of the year. This has taken an inevitable toll on event creators and industry professionals, and at one point, it was difficult to see a light at the end of the tunnel.


However, we can now confidently say that we can most definitely see that light, and things are 100% starting to look up for the industry. From the pilot tests taking place across England, to Scotland’s potential freedom day in August ….  The events industry is no longer in a perpetual state of ambiguity and the current mood seems uplifted and positive as plans are now being put in place for the long-anticipated return of live events. 


Having attended a number of industry events recently, including M&i Forums, it is great to see this positivity is spreading not only in Scotland, but also across Europe. Here at Panoptic Events, we have also recently been involved in a number of proposals and tenders for both live, digital and hybrid events, and it has been fantastic to see the leads and events coming in.


So, while things may not be 100% back to normality quite yet, it’s safe to say that the confidence is slowly but surely starting to grow as the curtains start to rise again for the events industry.


What’s Changed?

As a society, our priorities in life have changed and how we look at events has inevitably changed alongside this. On the one hand, it has been great to hear about people being less ‘busy’, having more freedom in how they spend their time and more available to attend things like events. 


However, on the other hand, individuals are now being incredibly selective of where they choose to spend their time and what events they choose to attend. Therefore, event creators must ensure their events are not only interesting, but that they can engage, excite and educate audiences in order to draw in attendees and be a success. 


Providing a highly immersive and interactive experience should be at the core of all event creators priorities, alongside ensuring quality safety measures are in place to provide the optimum experience for attendees.

What are the Next Steps?

One of the most crucial next steps for the industry is rebuilding trust and confidence within events. The day we witness football stadiums at full capacity and concerts filled with attendees, we believe that confidence will be fully restored.

It’s truly great to see the industry adapting to the change, looking at innovation and coming up with new and exciting ideas and ways of working. Event professionals are now refining their business models in terms of how they operate, looking at things through an objective eye and giving themselves choosing powers over who to work with, when to work with them and how to work with them. Essentially, the events industry is becoming a lot leaner and a lot smarter, and with that, events-industry professionals must adapt to this change accordingly in order to stay ahead of the game and their competitors. 

It is now the crucial role and responsibility of organisations across the world to implement sustainability practices, plans and goals within their business practice in order to reverse the global climate damage and work towards a better, more sustainable future. This is no different for the events industry, and in order to continue to innovate and improve, ensuring strong sustainable practices and goals are in place is key for moving forward within the events industry. That being said, it is for everyone to make a drive towards sustainability, not just the event organisers and suppliers. The only way we will make significant change is if the attendees also get on board with a more sustainable events infrastructure, and we hope to see this being implemented across the board in the near future.

Tips from the Events Creators

It’s fair to say that working within the events industry can be a demanding role at times, not least without the pressures of the global pandemic. So, it is more important now than ever to look after yourself, keep healthy and maintain a positive mindset. Living in the present moment, surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded people and keeping an optimistic outlook on life is vital as we progress out of restrictions into a post-pandemic world. 

I am a firm believer that having a strong morning routine and implementing simple steps into your daily routine like ensuring you don’t check your phone first thing in the morning, maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, getting fresh air and taking time off-screen when necessary make all the difference to your mental and physical health. At the start of the very first lockdown, I decided to cycle 100 miles a week on the bike and this habit is still going strong. Making this change in my routine presented me with the opportunity to think differently, time to see parts of Scotland I could never have imagined seeing before and allowed me to set targets and goals for myself which were then rewarded. I fully believe this is important for everyone in the current climate in order to maintain a positive outlook on life.

On top of this, tips from other event-industry professionals for adapting and moving forward within the industry include reading books to enhance creativity, regularly sharing information with contacts and suppliers, showing empathy towards others and most importantly, working on 90-Day planning for your business – this, in particular, will enable you to vision and goal set, plan ahead and adapt to change in a much easier and more manageable manner.

At Panoptic Events, we deliver world-class experiences cross-sector that amaze and inspire. We have the expertise and solutions to design bespoke, highly-effective live and digital events and experiential marketing campaigns. Simply tell us your story, and we will create your legacy. 

I also head up an events solutions focus group monthly in Scotland. If you would like to be a part of this conversation or find out more about any of our services here at Panoptic Events, please get in touch at

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