I am always learning. I was one for learning by doing, latterly it has led to a number of mentors, accountability groups, lots of podcasts, and books. Last week I was listening to the Lewis Howes Podcast, the School of Greatness, which I do very regularly. The guest was talking about three questions that caught my attention and got me thinking. 

Where has our organisation been?  Where is it now?  Where are we going?

With the pandemic affecting the world and the changes in the landscape of events over the last year, I felt writing about our year would be a nice way to tie up this chapter, particularly with the recent launch of our new Panoptic Events website. It is nice, isn’t it?

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Where has our organisation been?

In 2014, Panoptic Events was born. Working within FMCG with brands at famous festivals around the UK was how it started. Somewhere along the line, my lawyer introduced me to a hotel group and we started booking them entertainment. Coming from a live music background, this made sense. We still do to this day. I realised what we could achieve here. After coming to the realisation that I was fed up of being the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle for London-based agencies, Panoptic Events was set up to be the leading Scottish agency that works directly with brands and clients to offer them a tailored service for their event strategies, internationally delivering event excellence with design expertise and results-driven marketing campaign management.

In 2018, I began a journey of Self Development. Transitioning to the “Work Smarter” principle, I looked to optimise Panoptic Events and become efficient, working smarter, not harder. We started attending more and more conferences. It was at one of these I learned about Destination Management Companies – I realised we had clients coming into Scotland from all over the world using our services and assistance, and what we were doing for them was Event Management. It was at that point I decided to launch Panoptic Prestige – our high-end, luxury destination management brand.

In 2019, we were close to covering almost 400 events. Panoptic’s major highlights from this year included the Jordan Belfort Tour across the UK, All Saints 25th Birthday Parties in both Glasgow and Leeds and the Undercover Greggs // Lewis Capaldi Gig. PayFest in July was also particularly special for a number of reasons. 

By 2020, Panoptic had successfully delivered over 3,000 unique experiences across the UK and internationally. With our multi-sector approach to event creation, we now had experience working with major and start-up events, festivals, sport, hotels, charities and retail and firmly believe this cross-sector experience allows us to continually learn and improve. The year of 2020 started off with an incredibly strong January, booking in multiple events, being involved in numerous proposals and tenders and bringing in constant leads. Our turnover in January alone was nearly as much as our first year in business. 

Then the “I know what’s coming” phone calls started. The pandemic hit us hard and fast, and the turnover we then ‘lost’ was almost as much as our entire existence as a company. When I was writing out Panoptic’s next 90-day action plan to get us through the first three months of the pandemic, I decided to play a long game. The plan was crucial to ensure we were able to recover at the end of the pandemic and be ready to hit the ground running again as soon as this was physically possible. I refer to Panoptic as a boat sometimes, this time we had to sail the ship into calm waters and regroup, changing our plans for the long road ahead of us.

Where is it now?

I saw an image on Pinterest one day that said “Ships weren’t built to stay in calm waters.” It resonated with me. Now is the time to head back out into those seas and get Panoptic back where it belongs – into the world of events.

I am delighted to announce that a number of good things have happened recently. First up, our new team has arrived. We now number seven members and have an eighth on the way. This has been a massive help for our growth plans.

The more we have learnt about the events industry, the more we have learned about how we can operate effectively and efficiently, with sustainability and education at the core of what we do. As part of this change, we have rebranded ourselves as an agency with three clear brands. Events – Full Events Management. Experience – Experiential Marketing, using events to market your products, and Prestige – Our Luxury Destination Management service, presenting Scotland to the world.

We have tied up all of our brands – Experience, Events and Prestige, under the Panoptic Events banner. With the work we have done on experiential campaigns, we were able to take this knowledge into our event management service for all of our clients, and use our knowledge of utilising the five senses into our high-end events, creating world-class experience cross-sector that amaze and inspire. 

Our focus on educating ourselves has given us copious amounts of invaluable information. Panoptic are continuously sharing this through our resources page via news articles, e-books and blogs. One thing that has been causing quite a reaction in recent weeks is our ‘Sustainability in Events EBook’, recently described by a client as a “Green print for the events industry” and reaching audiences as far across the globe as Australia.

On top of this, I was recently featured on the Sir Tom Hunter and Lord Willie Haughey’s Go Radio Show, giving me the opportunity to chat with two of Scotland’s most inspirational leaders. It was on this show I was told “You have effectively gained a Harvard degree in the last year” and “I think you are a leader, and I will be looking out to see what you are doing in the future Craig”. 


Where are we going?

Thinking back to when I wrote out that 90-day action plan to get us through the first leg of the pandemic, the plan was vital to not only ensure we made it through to the other side, but also to ensure that every decision made was towards a goal of becoming Europe’s largest events company. 

At Panoptic Events, it is our goal to create unforgettable experiences for our clients. With experience across the board as creators, promoters, event managers, artists, artist liaisons and attendee’s, Panoptic understands exactly what it takes to deliver effective event management services to the highest standard, from start to finish of your event’s lifespan. Our team is passionate about the industry and aims to consistently deliver results that reflect these world-class standards. 

Our vision is to become Europe’s leading events management company. 

Panoptic Event’s constantly push the boundaries to come up with fresh and innovative ideas, harnessing the global network of connections we have made across multiple sectors to deliver new event strategies and work together for the greater good, with a strong emphasis on constant learning, wider education and implementing sustainability practices and goals.

We will continue to educate ourselves and others via our podcast, clubhouse discussions, articles and ebooks and share our knowledge with our clients, customers and suppliers. I am confident that these efforts will lead us to exactly where we are meant to be.

This is just the beginning for Panoptic Events.

Panoptic deliver world-class experiences cross-sector that amaze and inspire. We have the knowledge, expertise and solutions to design bespoke, highly effective events and results-driven experiential marketing campaigns. Simply tell us your story, and we will create your legacy. 

If you would like to find out more about our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at craig@panopticevents.com. You can also discover more about our services via our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram sites. Keep up to date with our latest knowledge and tips via our Resources page, including our ‘Sustainability at Events’ Ebook.