How do you attract an audience for your event?

When setting up an event, we often think about providing the best experience, however, sometimes we miss the part about attracting an audience in the first place. As event creators, we believe that there are certain psychology principles that can provide aid in attracting and growing your audience. If you want to know the tricks – keep reading! 

Principle 1 – Using ‘Scarcity’ to Attract an Audience

As we all know, the fear of missing out is one of the oldest marketing psychology principles to date. Imagine missing out on something that sounds like fun? Nobody wants that! Businesses often utilise the concept of scarcity for physical products but it’s also a great way to attract potential customers to your event. You can evoke the scarcity urge into your lead acquisition campaigns by running limited-time offers. When people know the offer isn’t forever, they are more inclined to act and make a purchase. This will become even more effective if you install a countdown timer as it will create a physical reaction, meaning people will act instinctively to grab the offer. In addition to this, you can display the number of slots left for your event (this is a good idea when there are a significant number of tickets sold).

Principle 2 – Using ‘Difference’ to Attract an Audience 

You have heard this before; everybody wants something that is out of the ordinary or something that can be easily differentiated. When something new hits the market, we want to get rid of the old and get a hold of the new and improved stuff. So what you can do is improve your services or events in this case. Try to create an unforgettable experience for your guests by making changes, and once you have – make noise about it on your landing pages and in your email campaigns. Expressions like “new and improved,” or “announcing,” come in handy when crafting lead-generated copy. Alongside this, try shaking things up. Most of the time all it takes to convince prospects to sign up is to refresh your cover page. Try tweaking your titles and cover designs. The fresh look may be the boost your event needs!

Principle 3 – Using ‘Reciprocity’ to Attract an Audience

Reciprocity: The practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit.

To convince your potential clients to purchase a ticket, you can show them the benefits of attending your event. Try producing valuable free content and make it easily accessible for your attendees, creating awareness of this will make them more inclined to purchase. If it is a regular event, give them a glimpse of what is waiting for them if they attend, this could be a great way to flare emotions to act. Remember, providing value is everything.

Principle 4 – Using ‘Authority’ to Attract an Audience

People tend to follow and respect the recommendations of experts or people more knowledgeable than them. This could be an excellent way to leverage opportunities. Leading up to the event, create educational content to illustrate your position as a thought leader in the sector – this can be done through blogs, e-books and anything else that educates your client base. Alongside this, you can display certifications and awards your brand has earned. Elevating your company in the eyes of prospects makes them more likely to complete the requested conversion. 

Principle 5 – Using ‘Likeability’ to Attract an Audience

This is the easiest principle to get wrong. The concept of liking in marketing revolves around people swayed by people they like or who have traits they admire. At times we make mistakes by collaborating with the wrong people or brands that ultimately affect the overall success of your event, but there are ways to get around it. First and foremost know your audience, by knowing this you can tap into influencer marketing where you can partner with influencers who are admired or loved by your target audience. While you may not be able to afford pricey celebs who have millions of followers, you can partner with more affordable micro-influencers with smaller (1,000 – 100,000 followers) but highly engaged – and relevant – audiences. As well as tapping into influencer marketing, you aim to strive for a brand that is likeable, from the colours used on the website to social media posts, emails to e-books, everything should be easily navigable and aesthetically pleasing.

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