When we think of hosting an event…

We often think about the amount of attention that is needed for every little detail, and with this it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. Let’s be honest, things sometimes go wrong – we have all seen FYRE Festival on Netflix right?

Using an events management service can seem a little scary, and can hold people back from utilising the services event companies offer – why is that?



One of the biggest reasons why people tend to turn away from professionals is due to the costs associated.

They tend to think that events can be extremely costly, but by arranging a consultation you can discuss costs and open the way for negotiation. By adding or eliminating certain elements to your event you can settle on a sustainable price. There is a good chance an Events Company can save on costs, and work within your budget as they pull together a whole host of suppliers and manage them. With an end result of also saving you time!

Event Design

Another factor that contributes to why people avoid event professionals is due to desired results.

Generally people have a certain vision in mind and want to be present in all aspects of the event design to make sure their event aligns with their vision. They become hesitant to trust individuals in making decisions for them.

If you feel you are not experiencing your desired vision  you can easily avoid this by having a consultation with an event professional to talk over your story. While doing so you can both discuss what you want your legacy to be, and then be presented with mood boards to clearly define the style of event you desire.

Event Design
Event Planning

Event Planning

This may be your first time putting on an event and suddenly you are faced with so many moving parts. Where do you start?

Some want the venue to be old and classy looking, others want something trendy. What sort of equipment will be required for the live entertainment? How many people are coming and how do we get them to confirm? How will we get them home? The questions quickly mount up.

Events companies do this full time for a career, we know how to put on events and have a thorough checklist of what is required. From ideas, concept, delivery and evaluation, we ask the right questions and will give you a detailed plan at the start, with timelines agreed. 

Unexpected Problems

We have all heard about the classic event fails – technical problems, performers not showing up, and so on – this can be worrying for potential event hosts! In the event of such problems and accidents, the entire event has the potential to disintegrate within minutes, which is why it is so important to do your research and choose the most suitable company with experience, and one that presents a seamless event! Also choose one that works calmly under pressure. Here we believe “The show must go on!” and it will! 

Unexpected Problems
Local Knowledge

Local Knowledge

Lack of local knowledge can mean that you can easily offend locals unintentionally if you are unaware of their culture and customs, this is especially the case when planning events abroad.

For example, In Greece, South America, West Africa and some Middle Eastern countries, giving someone a thumbs up is the equivalent of holding up your middle finger. So maybe a simple smile or nod can do the trick.

Event companies are there to make life easier for you, and are guided by local companies and convention bureaus –  which is why they are able to assist you in different countries, to ensure you experience the culture.

How do we avoid these?

If you have any fears surrounding events, whether it’s regarding the price, event design or level of quality, you should certainly meet with an event professional who will then thoroughly explain the whole process, leaving no place for doubts by answering all your questions.

You know what? Bringing in an events company might not be for you. They might be outside of the budget for the event you had in mind, they might not be able to pull together the exact design for what you would like for various reasons. However if you are looking for a company who can save you a lot of time, energy and (possibly) money, all while pulling together an event that will leave your guests talking about it for a lifetime, then an events company might be the perfect choice for you.

That’s where Panoptic Events comes in.

For any enquiries, do not hesitate to contact craig@panopticevents.com

You should also check out our ‘Event Failures’ ebook which talks about possible failures in events and what professionals within the industry have learned!