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EnjoyTatras DMC & DMO, responsible for promoting and selling the High Tatras and Liptov Region of Slovakia, is delighted to announce the creation of a series of ‘healthy’ new products for the UK Market.

Trends are pointing to ‘Outdoor Holidays’; ‘Green Experiences’; ‘Health & Wellness’ and Panoptic Events continues to be an advocate of combining wellness with the MICE sector. Hence they have created links with EnjoyTatras DMC, to help build bespoke itineraries* for future clients looking for nature and wellness based activations.

Gabriela Kohuthova, Executive Director of EnjoyTatras DMC said, “each product reflects the beauty of our region, the continuing trend towards nature and wellness breaks, but most importantly their ability to be utilised in the context of MICE, Business or Leisure travel”.

Each product promotes wellness for mind and body, bringing participants into to the bosom of nature. This includes making the most of our destinations geothermal resources, courtesy of the “The Tatras wellness” product in the Liptov region, using the healing powers of ‘mountains’ and ‘water’ for wellness, combined with outdoor-activities.

For newcomers to Hiking there is the “Slovakia hiking holiday in the Tatras Region”, which guarantees a lovely introduction to hiking across stunning mountain ranges. For more advanced hikers, the hut-to-hut High Tatras trekking product explores the spectacular mountain scenery in a very unique way.

And finally, if you love the art of travel photography in nature, then this active photography product in the Tatra Mountains is a fantastic incentive for improving those camera skills.

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To view the products go to: https://awe365.com/?s=slovakia

*Speak with Panoptic Events for bespoke MICE activations in the Tatras Region


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(These products are implemented with financial support of the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic)

This project and its activities are implemented with financial support of the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic