The Panoptic Events team grows!

Panoptic Events have not only been active with their networking, travelling and events… They have also grown their team! The Scotland-based events company  recently welcomed four fantastic new members to join the marketing department, bringing fresh ideas and innovative concepts to the table. 

Panoptic Events are an organisation who take great pride in embedding a learning culture within their business. As an organisation that operates globally, they have shared their research findings far and wide with friends and suppliers across the globe, keeping connections intact. At a time where strong communication is so crucial to success, Panoptic are determined to remain thought-leaders in the field and cannot wait to see what the future brings with an ever-expanding, talented team!

Panoptic Events are delighted to introduce to you:

Lara Cumming – Copywriter

Sandy Johnson – Content Creator / Videographer

Phoebe Wailes – Graphic Designer

Ruth Flockhart – Social Media Assistant

One of our newest members, Lara, stated It’s been tough to gain experience since graduating from university. Being given the opportunity to join the marketing team at Panoptic Events as a copywriter is so exciting, I can’t wait to continue to learn and create as a part of this team!”

Panoptic’s CEO, Craig McGee, stated “I am delighted that we are able to bring young, passionate, talented people into the workforce, to help them start their career in events and marketing. I am excited to learn from the new team members and watch them grow.”. 

The future of Panoptic looks bright!

You can meet the #peopleofpanoptic here!