This stunning capital city is known for its abundant history, flavour-filled dishes and beautiful thousand-year-old architecture. The metropolitan city of Rome is the most populous city within the European Union and its metropolitan area being the third most populous in Italy, the city is always vibrant and bustling. The combination of delicious gastronomy, interesting venues and different experiences, make this metropolitan city the perfect MICE destination. 


The Eternal City of Rome boasts thousands of stunning venues and architectural structures. Featuring four restaurants, multiple outdoor locations and congress centres across three buildings, the Sheraton Parco De’ Medici Rome Hotel caters to any event or meeting imaginable. An impressive 782 guest rooms featuring modern décor are inviting and lavish. Each outdoor area provides serene landscapes that are sure to impress delegates. To top it all off, the Sheraton has several objectives in place to ensure the hotel is providing a greener choice!  

Experience what it is like to live among the clouds at La Nuvola, the central showpiece of Rome’s new convention centre. La Nuvola is a bold cloud-shape ‘floating’ within the main building. Exhibiting an auditorium accessible via a series of walkways, this geometrical structure is exceedingly complex yet visually stunning.   

Palazzo Merulana offers a range of stunning corporate event and meeting spaces surrounded by artworks composed mainly of works of the Roman school and the Italian twentieth century with a momentum towards the contemporary. The exhibition path comprises over 90 works over an 1800 square meter surface, which is divided over four floors. The first-floor host sculptures by Lucio Fontana, Antonietta Raphael and Pericle Fazzini among other artists, creating a peaceful atmosphere. While the second floor is warm and familiar space with an aesthetic experience. Delegates can enjoy cultural activities, food and wine events. Finally you can venture onto the terrace, a privileged view on Via Merulana and peer through the high trees and set your sights on roofs and domes across the city.


Of course, Italian cuisine is one of the most favoured globally. Rome is famous for a handful of dishes seen on most Italian menus across the world, cacio e pepe, amatriciana, gricia, and carbonara are some excellent dishes based around Rome’s iconic sheep’s milk cheese, pecorino Romano. We recommend Caffé Palombini, a large buzzing and bustling cafe and restaurant, with exceptional specials and cocktails! 


 When in Rome, you must visit the exquisite Vatican City. Home to a trove of iconic art and architecture – the Vatican Museums house ancient Roman sculptures such as “Laocoön and His Sons” as well as the Renaissance frescoes in the Raphael Rooms and the Sistine Chapel, famous for Michelangelo’s ceiling. 

If sport is more your thing, why not enjoy a tour of Stadio Olimpico, home to rival teams Roma and Lazio! 

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