Our CEO Craig McGee Features on Greg Friel’s Podcast ‘The Friel Thing’


Our CEO Craig Mcgee was recently featured on Greg Friel’s podcast ‘The Friel Thing’. They discuss the importance of mindset and how he took Panoptic Events through the last couple of years. 

He opens up about his story and how he has gone from DJing to growing Panoptic into the thought-leading Events company it is today, delivering experiential events and experiences worldwide.

Craig Mcgee says:

“It was an absolute pleasure to be on Greg Friel’s podcast.

I open up with a very honest story about how the pandemic started for me and my Events business, before talking about the mindset about how I got through it. This is the first time I spoke openly about what happened in a public arena.

There’s a lot on mindset, education, and visioning in here and I hope you can find some useful tips here.”

Greg Friel says:

“I think the thing that is fascinating about that is being a thought leader is not necessarily an end in itself, it’s the fact that you are a practitioner in what it is that you are talking about is what makes the difference.
I think that’s the thing that makes the difference and ultimately why people will listen to you because you live it, you breathe it, and how you live your life.”

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