Buenos Aires, Argentina’s elegant capital, is a city that never sleeps and is flooded with culture, dancing and passion! It has been named the ‘Paris of South America’ because of its European inspired architecture and cobblestone streets that are always abuzz with vibrant nightlife and delicious street food. With something to see at every turn, these are Panoptic’s picks of the top things to do in Buenos Aires…

Best Experiences in Buenos Aires

See a show at Colón Theatre

If you get the chance to see a show at Teatro Colón, do it! Its legendary atmosphere, acoustics and architecture create an unforgettable experience! The Teatro Colón is one of the most famous theatres in the world, known for its world-class operas, ballets and Orchestras.
If you are interested in how the magic happens, take a tour of ‘Colón Fabrica’ which is a huge basement Scenography Factory, giving you a peek behind the scenes, showcasing the great productions. The factory produces items such as scenery, costumes, wigs, props, shoes & special effects.

Colon Theatre Buenos Aires, World Famous Theatre, Opera House

Learn to Tango in La Boca

La Boca is an old neighbourhood, famous for its striking colourful architecture, steak houses and tango dancing! What better way to get immersed in the free-spirited culture than having a go learning to Tango! Whether you want to get involved or just watch a show, there is something for everyone in la Boca.

Tango House in La Boca Neighbourhood, Buenos Aires

Discover the Legend of Casa Minima & El Zanjon 

Discover history, poetry and mystical urban legends at El Zanjon, a 200-year-old mansion sat on top of a series of historic underground tunnels that date back four centuries to Buenos Aires’ earliest settlements.


Casa Minima El Zanjon Historic Architecture and legendary tunnels, underground early settlements,Buenos Aires

 Take a walk through The Plaza de Mayo 

Why not get an ice cream and take a stroll through the Plaza de Mayo while soaking up the history of the city’s oldest public square. 

Things to look out for on the square…

1) Casa Rosada (the Pink House), the iconic President’s Mansion. 
2) Cabildo – this mid-18th-century town hall building is now home to a museum exhibiting the Cabildo and the May Revolution.
3) Catedral Metropolitana – the largest and tallest church in Argentina, this beautiful landmark was built in 1827 overlooking Plaza de Mayo.

Plaza de Mayo (Pink House)

A day of luxury at Puerto Madero

Experience a more modern side of Buenos Aires, Puerto Maderno is a renovated dockside area where you will find towering skyscrapers, high-end restaurants, an iconic rotating footbridge called Puente de la Mujer (‘Bridge of the Woman’) and a beautiful ecological reserve.



Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Lit up at night, Modern luxury side of Buenos Aires

Wander the walls of literature at El Ateneo

Buenos Aires has been officially named the bookstore capital of the world, with a whopping total of 734 bookstores. El Ateneo is every booklovers’ heaven, why not romanticise the hunt for your next read at the world’s most beautiful bookstore? Explore their impressive collection of literature whilst marvelling at the gorgeous architecture along the way.

Best Eateries in Buenos Aires 

Street Food Lunch at Mercado de San Telmo

Step back in time and soak up the buzz of this impressive indoor market that has been a staple for the locals since 1987. Take your time and browse the array of stalls that offer everything from antiques and crafts to fresh fruit and spices.


Dine in history at Tortoni Café

Tortoni is an iconic Parisian-style cafe that opened in 1858 and is dripping in history. If you get a chance to visit, we recommend attending a live tango show and trying their delicious churros!

Tortoni Café, Buenos Aires, Famous Cafe, Tourist Incentive, Best restaurants in Buenos Aires

Enjoy the taste of Argentina at El Preferido de Palermo

Looking for a truly traditional dining experience? El Preferido de Palermo is the perfect spot. It doesn’t get much more authentic than this charming, family-run restaurant. Sit and soak in the culture whilst enjoying some mouth-watering tapas!


El Preferido de Palermo, Famous Authentic Argentinian Restaurant, Buenos Aires

Take the taste of Argentina Home with you after a Tierra Negra cooking class

Tierra Negra Cooking Classes teach you how to make authentic Argentinian street food using traditional methods and organic ingredients! Learn to make empanadas, Choripan, Chimichurri, Albondigas de carne, Alfajores de Maicena, Argentinian pie and traditional flat bread! Afterwards, the class will enjoy the dishes cooked along with some specially selected Argentine wines! A perfect way to explore Argentine culture while learning dishes that you can recreate back home to share your travel experiences with friends.

Tierra Negra Cooking Classes

Best Nightlife in Buenos Aires


Jump back in time to the 1920’s Prohibition at one of Buenos Aires’ famous Speakeasy bars! These underground bars are elegant, lively and bursting with history! Put on your best Flapper and Sheik outfits on and party like Gatsby!

Panoptic’s top picks are;
1) Uptown and the Bronx
2) The Hole
3) Frank’s Bar (Check out their Facebook page for the Password to get in!)



Uptown and the Bronx, Buenos Aires Speakeasy bar

Tango Houses

Tango was born in the streets of Buenos Aires around 1880 so, of course, the exhilaratingly expressive and sensual dance is the very essence of the city and has been a huge influence on the lifestyle. Get immersed and have some fun at a tango bar where you can soak up the electric atmosphere, get mesmerised watching or learn to trip the light fantastic yourself!

Panoptic’s top picks are;
1) Rojo Tango
2) Café de Los Angelitos
3) Bar Los Laureles


Rojo Tango Bar, Buenos Aires, Best Tango Show


Buenos Aires is famous for its vibrant and wild party scene! It is only fitting that a city that lives for the night has some of the most electrifying nightclubs.

Panoptic’s top picks are;
1) Jet Lounge
2) Terrazas del Este
3) Bayside Buenos Aires


Bayside, top nightclub Buenos Aires

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