Ibiza is the number one world famous party island, known for its VIP clubs, celeb hangouts, luxury experiences and beautiful beaches!  Want to experience Ibiza in style? Look no further, we’ve gone on a hunt for the best of the best… read on for the top luxury hotels & experiences in Ibiza!

Ibiza is the height of exclusive luxury, why not treat yourself to an island getaway to enjoy the best that the world has to offer!

Top 3 Luxury Hotels in Ibiza

1. Tranquil Wellness Getaway

Six Senses Hotel Ibiza 

This beautiful, bohemian eco-resort & Spa is tucked away on the northern coast of the island, surrounded by unobstructed views of the crystal blue Balearic sea.

This luxury retreat is focused on wellness, art, sustainability and spirituality. It hosts 116 unique accommodations, including suites, townhouses, mansions & beachfront caves!

Six Senses Ibiza
Six Senses Ibiza, Restaurant

Six Senses offer 5 signature dining experiences using locally grown & harvested produce from their 400-year-old agricultural estate, where guests can take part in growing their own food and guest chefs drop in to share their culinary secrets and host pop-up events. 

Unwind by the pool or enjoy one of the wellness adventure experiences!

2. Funky Retro Meets Boho Chic 

W Hotel Ibiza

W Hotel Ibiza captures the essence of Ibiza perfectly, combining 5 star luxury with vibrant decor and hot live music!

If you’re looking for an instagrammable experience, look no further, this colourful hotel is sat on the Santa Eulalia coastline with direct access to the beachfront promenade – what a backdrop!

Walk along the river and discover a beautiful yacht marina and excellent choice of shops, the town is the perfect balance between authenticity and modernity.

W Hotel Ibiza Room
W Hotel Cafe

The luxury retro experience continues with a designer blend of hip bars and restaurants that give the hotel a uniquely vibrant atmosphere. (Including a vegetarian restaurant!)

The venue offers a tailored event room for up to 59 guests. Get the party started in paradise.

3. Ultimate Party Island Experience 

Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel

Experience the spirit of Ibiza with some of the islands most famous VIP parties right on your doorstep. The electric energy of the beach club floods this 5 star hotel from sun up to sun down, constantly jumping with live music and events.

 Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel
Ushuaïa Ibiza, beach restaurant

Ushuaïa Ibiza is all about the VIP experience and is complete with a full concierge service, luxury spa, yacht experiences, personal trainers, a recording studio, a breathtaking rooftop terrace and exciting culinary experiences.

The hotel offers 7 flexible event spaces, hosting regular private and corporate events for up to 480 guests – who said business had to be boring!

Top 3 Luxury Experiences in Ibiza

1. Push the Boat Out With a Private Yacht Party!

It can’t get any more exclusive than your own private yacht party! Experience Ibiza’s world class party scene, beautiful coastline and mesmerising sunsets in ultimate VIP style! Whether you’re celebrating a bachelor/bachelorette, birthday, wedding, engagement, successful work year or just celebrating life… Be Charter Ibiza has a yacht fit for every occasion!






Be Charter Ibiza

2. Cruise Around the Island in Your Dream Car!

Discover Ibiza’s spectacular coasts, cliffs, caves and mountains in style & at speed!
Get the keys to your dream car, at Ibiza VIP Experience and watch heads turn as you cruise the Island in some of the world’s most exclusive supercars.

Ibiza VIP Experience

3. Have an Out of this World Experience at the World’s Most Expensive Restaurant! 

Sublimotion Ibiza is known as the world’s most expensive restaurant, charging €1500 for a 20 course tasting menu.

Why such a high price? This exclusive restaurant hosts one table of 12 guests, sending them on 3 hour journey that combines food, art, and illusionism to stimulate all 5 senses.

The tasting experience includes VR tech & immersive film projections that were designed by architects, engineers, illusionists, and screenwriters to accompany the Mediterranean dining concept.

Sublimotion Ibiza

Party with the Celebs!

Top 3 VIP Nightclubs in Ibiza

Panoptic’s Picks…

1. Amnesia

2. Hï Ibiza

3. Pacha

Amnesia Ibiza

Watch the Sunset in Style!

Top 3 Exclusive Beach Clubs in Ibiza

Panoptic’s Picks…

1. Nikki Beach Ibiza

2. O Beach Ibiza

3. Blue Marlin Ibiza

Nikki Beach Club Ibiza

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