1. Take a Trip into the Mystical World of Westeros 

Game of Thrones Studio Tour 

Be transported from Belfast city, beyond the wall and into the heart of Westeros.

This self guided, immersive experience walks you through each of the 7 kingdoms while you explore the authentic props, costumes, real life sets and earliest ideas and designs. You’ll be lost for words as you get a look into how GOT was brought to life on screen at the authentic filming location of Linen Mill Studios!
The ultimate day out for GOT fans to experience ‘behind the scenes’ of where the magic happened!

Game of Thrones Studio Tour

2. Journey through the Troubles and the Path to Peace

 A History of Terror DC Tour

Learn all about the history of Ireland and Britain as your group is walked through Belfast city centre by an expert guide who brings the ‘Troubles’ to life by telling the chilling stories of the horrific attacks and their own personal experiences.

This tour opens your eyes to a different side of Belfast, giving its guests a deep appreciation for how far the fabulous city has come since the Good Friday peace agreement in 1998. Whilst giving first hand insight into how the dark days of conflict still impact the people of Belfast today.

A History of Terror DC Tour

3. Get Your Hands Dirty With Award-Winning Chefs!

Waterman House Cookery School

This interactive cooking experience is every food lover’s dream! There is something for everyone, from beginners to experts, with over 40 classes to choose from!

Learn how to make classic french style dishes to recreate for your friends and family at home, the class makes gourmet cooking seem easy as you’re taught by award winning expert chefs that are there to give you tips along the way.

Their practical classes are a perfect bonding experience and can be tailored for hosting team building events, corporate events and private classes for celebrations!

Waterman House Cookery School

4. Explore the Famous Irish Legend! 

Giants Causeway Tour

Discover Ireland’s geological wonder, only an hour from Belfast! The Giant’s Causeway was formed almost 60,000 years ago and is made up of over 40,000 huge black columns that tumble down into the sea like stepping stones.

Stand on the cliff edge with the wind in your hair and watch the Gaelic mythology come to life…

legend has it that the Giants Causeway was formed when the Irish giant ‘Fionn mac Cumhaill’, was challenged to a fight by the Scottish giant ‘Benandonner’. Fionn accepted the challenge and built the causeway across the North Channel so that the two giants could meet.


Giants Causeway Tour

5. Discover the Untold Parts of the Titanic’s Story – Where it All Began

 Titanic Tour 

This iconic exhibition has been named the world’s leading tourist attraction, it tells the story of the RMS Titanic and was built on the site of the former shipyard, where the famous ship was built.

The building hosts 5 spectacular event spaces for parties of between 200 to 800 people. Each space boasts a unique themed interior inspired by an area of the Titanic, creating a truly memorable experience for your guests!

Room features include; a replica of the Titanic’s famous Grand Staircase and a room in the shape of the captain’s bridge, with floor to ceiling windows along the angular points showcasing views of the slipways below.

Titanic Belfast, Staircase venue replica

6. Get Lost in a Wonderland of Delicacies 

Sawers Deli 

Belfast’s Oldest Deli was established in 1897 and has always been a staple in Belfast ever since, it even supplied the Titanic with Olives, cheese and more!

It’s famous within Belfast for being the Aladdin’s Cave of culinary delights, stacked floor to ceiling with fantastic luxury groceries from all around the world alongside the finest and freshest Deli counters including Seafood, Meats and cheeses.

They also have a gourmet Deli Bar. Why not sit out and enjoy a fresh gourmet lunch and then pop across the street to Belfast’s walk-in humidor Cigar World?


Sawers Deli window Belfast

7. Tag along with the local Musicians!

Belfast Traditional Music Trail

Dive into the Irish music scene with this truly unique experience, where your group will be guided through cobbled alleyways by professional musicians, on a private pub crawl in some of Belfast’s oldest buildings!

Enjoy a drink at each stop while you soak up the passion of the musicians as they perform for you and walk you through the history of Irish music and instruments. The intimate ‘session’ allows you to ask questions and even get involved in some Irish dancing taught by a professional Irish dancer! It’s good ‘craic’ from start to finish!


Belfast Traditional Music Trail

8. Steak and Wine in the City

Deans Meatlocker

Situated in the heart of Belfast city centre, this Michelin star restaurant uses only the finest ingredients for their mouthwatering steak, succulent chicken and fresh seafood dishes.

The restaurant is renowned for its warm and relaxing atmosphere making it a perfect location for hosting catered events or private dining experiences!


Deans Meatlocker

9. Historic Belfast Turned Quirky Modern Beer Garden 

The Dirty Onion and Yardbird

The dirty onion is housed in Belfast’s oldest building dating back to 1780, it has been renovated and now includes an indoor pub, a beer garden and an upstairs rotisserie chicken restaurant.

It is a traditional pub with a modern twist, its brick walls and wooden beams keep its historic charm alive while the extensive range of live bands brings the place to life every night. Enjoy a drink in true Irish style – in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, surrounded by captivating live music.


The Dirty Onion and Yardbird

10. Have a Drink and a Dance with the Irish!

Top 3 Bars in Belfast

Panoptic’s Picks…

1. Kelly’s Cellars

Belfast’s Oldest Traditional Bar, live music, traditional music sessions.

2. The Crown Bar 

Live Jazz every night, art deco interior, French bistro menu, luxury cocktails.

3. The Dirty Onion 

in Belfast’s oldest building, live music, traditional music sessions, huge beer garden (with firepits!)

Kelly’s Cellars

Top 3 Nightclubs in Belfast

Panoptic’s Picks…

1. Ollies

World class DJs, Luxury basement club, VIP booths, members lounge and catacomb vault rooms.

2. Limelight

Concerts by world famous acts, Live DJs and bands, a terrace, and Themed club nights.

3. Alibi (Open Friday & Saturday)

Guest Ibiza DJs, Themed nights, fire breathing performances and a terrace.

Ollies Belfast

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