Thank you for landing on this page. There’s a good chance you are looking to put together an event and wondering ‘how does an Event Management Company work?’ Well, this is how Panoptic Events works…

Panoptic would love to get to know you, your story, and what it is you are looking to achieve so we can design your event to help create your legacy.

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How Does an Events Management Company Work?

Step One

First off there is the approach. Whether it is you enquiring with us, or we have reached out, there is an initial conversation.

If we receive this call or email, we will come back to you with some information we would love you to read over and some questions for you to answer.
The information might be in the form of relevant articles from our site, videos or one of our E-Books.

Step Two – Your Story

When you have answered these questions, we will then have a meeting. The answers provided will help us get an understanding of what you are hoping to achieve.

This meeting will cover two main questions:

– What is your story?
– What is the legacy you wish to create?

It is through this that we get to understand who you are, and what your values are. This allows us to get to know you, to see if we are the correct fit for your event and it also gives us an idea of what we can bring in terms of the creative for your event.

In terms of the legacy you wish to create, we are looking to understand what you want from your event. Do you want to have 1000 people smiling due to the most incredible event you have ever held? Yes!? Let’s make it happen.

Do you have a message you wish for all attendees to remember? How do we then incorporate that message through the event storyline?

What is it about the event you want everyone to remember? What do you want your legacy to be?

Step Three – Event Design & The Five Senses

Next, we will have an internal meeting and start to piece together all the information we have. We may have some more questions.

In our internal meeting, we will discuss Event Design. Our event design covers all of the senses:
– Sight
– Taste
– Sound
– Touch
– Smell.

We look at the ideas of where we can hold this event. What country? What venue? Where is everyone staying? What are we going to do there?


Sight – What can we see? Well, this is going to cover our location. So what does that look like? A quirky, unusual venue? A luxury seafront hotel looking over Es Vedre with dinner at sunset? A gorgeous castle with everyone dressed up to the nines?

We are going to propose great venues and destinations within your budget.

Taste – Food and beverage, let’s work on getting the best tastes of the region on your plates. Food from all over the world does incredible things to those taste buds.

We make sure your guests are fed some delicious culinary masterpieces and ensure energy for all the activities you will be taking part in.

Sound – Music makes the people come together, sang Madonna! The Hamilton Brothers also told us that it makes the world go round, so it’s got to be a large part of your event! I’ll let you into a not so well kept secret, we love music at Panoptic – you can actually check our regular playlists here…!
Bands, DJs, background music, ambient noise, or even the sound of the ocean waves, we want to ensure your guests have a good soundtrack for the experience of their lives.

Touch – What are we going to do during this event? Will there be an incentive with hands-on participation through team building?
This could be through various games, food making classes, or team challenges.
Maybe time to make some crafts and art as part of a CSR initiative and give back to local communities.

Smell – We talk about scent technology in our “Event Design” E-Book, what does that entail? Well, scent is massively important for events.

Think, when you arrive at the hotel the smell of the flowers hits you, how the smell of food being cooked as you walk by a restaurant entices you. Smell is key, and we will ensure we have pleasant aromas for all your guests.

It could even be that fresh morning scent as the sun rises above the horizon!

Step Four – Event Proposal

What happens next, is this information is pulled together into a proposal.

In the proposal, we will likely go with 2-3 options for you to choose between.
We will also send you a live budget sheet, plus if required, a folder with some extra information.

Once you agree on which option you want to go with, we will confirm all our suppliers.

We then will send you a contract to sign with details of payment. We like to send one invoice out to cover the event, and then Panoptic pay all the venues and suppliers. This is a real time-saver for a lot of companies!

You will have a dedicated Event Manager throughout the event building process and someone onsite (if required.)

Step Five – Budgeting for Events

Panoptic Events work on a live event system, meaning you can see the budget in real-time. We also have a Live Event Management Plan being built at this stage to show you all the timings of the event. This will cover every part of the supply chain, from the first person on site, to the airport pickups, to all of the information for each venue and timings for all entertainers. It is very thorough!

We keep these sheets live as we want transparency and this means we can keep everything and everyone up to date with the whole process.

Prior to the event we will be in conversation with you, giving updates as to what is happening to ensure you have peace of mind and you’re fully up to date. Our live event sheets will keep all suppliers up to date and we will then know real time costs to ensure we are within budget.

Step Six – The Event!

Then it is the event! Is it one day, or four!? However many it is, our team will be on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly. This is to allow you to enjoy your event, look after your guests and know that everything is taken care of!

It is what we have all been working towards since our initial chat. A vision you had is now a reality. Your guests are smiling looking out at the beautiful views, talking about the fun activities that took place post-conference, enjoying the tasty food and cocktails, and dancing to their favourite song. We like being in the present and we are hoping this event will encapsulate that feeling.

Step Seven – Debrief

After your excellent event, it is time for a debrief. We say thank you, look at plans going forward and we will likely ask you for a testimonial, thank you 🙂

Panoptic becomes an extension of you and looks after events from creation to delivery, allowing you and your guests to have the best time and create and event that neither you nor your guests will ever forget.

Thank you for choosing Panoptic.