Panoptic Events Take on America!


Exciting news at Panoptic today as the Scottish based events company has just undertaken its first event on US soil! This is undoubtedly a triumph for Panoptic as they expand into America for the first time ever. The event took place on the 8th of June in Washington D.C, the capital city of America, and the company entered the country with a bang, putting on a spectacular first event.

The event took place as part of UN Climate Change Week in Washington D.C for Azul, an environmental justice organisation with a focus on marine conservation! Azul was premiering their new film to raise awareness of the threats that face marine habitats due to climate change, they reached out to Panoptic Events to make sure this went down with a splash. Panoptic created a glittering premiere for Azul’s new climate awareness film, keeping the event sensitive to the message of sustainability while still ensuring a good night was had by all.

Panoptic’s event featured a gorgeous blue carpet to tie into the marine theme and illuminate the message behind the event to the guests as they walked over it. The premier of the impactful film was followed by chic rooftop drinks and a food reception. The reception also featured gorgeous floral arrangements and the amazing music of the ensemble Leonardo Garcia y Son Horizonte. With food, drinks, music, a film and a gorgeous location Panoptic ensured that all five senses of the event attendees were ensnared and that it was a night to remember! However, to guarantee that the night would live on forever Panoptic organised around-the-clock photography that encapsulates both the event and the message.

The Scottish based events company was extremely happy to work with Azul to create this event, with the CEO of Panoptic Events Craig McGee calling the event “a massive step forward for Panoptic and our international events”. Craig went on to say, “I’m so grateful and humbled by the support I’ve received over the years from everyone in the industry. Especially at a time of recovery, to start our comeback with an event in ‘DC has been an amazing feeling!” 

In addition to Panoptic being ecstatic to break into the American market with Azul , the events company were also overjoyed to be able to work with the environmental justice campaigners as they themselves have employed a real focus on sustainable events.

Read more about Panoptic’s push for sustainable events in their E-Book “Sustainability at Events: Panoptic with Betternotstop” here.

Read more about Panoptic’s push for sustainable events in their E-Book “Sustainability at Events: Panoptic with Betternotstop” here.