The Team at Panoptic Events is Growing Again!


Panoptic events haven’t just been busy abroad, attending and putting on world class events, they’ve been busy at home too. The Scottish based events company recently expanded their team by bringing on a new copywriter to add to their marketing team, bringing new content for their marketing and website and fresh new ideas to the table.

Panoptic is a team that takes pride in the people they work with. Working with driven individuals to share and grow the company’s vision, Panoptic events prides itself on investing in its staff and helping them grow with the company, ensuring an environment which breeds the creativity, inspiration and success that make Panoptic’s experiential events so iconic. By expanding their team and growing with their staff panoptic ensure that they remain thought-leaders in their field and are excited for the new challenges they will face as the company grows.

Panoptic Events are delighted to introduce you to;

Emma Russell – Copywriter

Emma Russell

The newest member of the team, Emma had this to say – “I’m really excited to be working at Panoptic Events! I love the culture of the company and the events Panoptic produce are world-class so I’m very happy to be able to put my name to the team that creates these fantastic experiences!”

Panoptic’s CEO Craig McGee said – “I met Emma through a mutual friend, and she was talking about her love of music and writing and I started to get to know her, when I spoke about the events business she asked if she could write something for me and I was blown away by the content that came up. Emma has shown herself already to be a talent and I’m very excited for her career in the events and writing industry!”

With the ever-expanding team at Panoptic, were sure the company will continue to grow and reach new heights!

You can meet the #peopleofpanoptic here!