So, you’re putting on an event and wondering ‘How much does an event company cost?’ Maybe it’s your first event, maybe it’s your hundredth event, either way, you still can’t get your head around all the costs.

Well, Panoptic are here to guide you through the world of the events industry! Maybe we can help you, maybe another events company can. One thing is for sure, we hope you learn from this article!

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What is an Event?

What is an event? According to the dictionary, an event is “a thing that happens or takes place, especially one of importance.” Simple, right? Kind of!

Things to Consider When Planning an Event

Lets have a think. What do you need first?
Got an idea? Great! Time to make your event a reality.

There are lots of different aspects that will need brought together to make sure your event turns out as magical as that original idea was! Such as…
– A venue
– Event Design
– Staff
– Entertainment
– Activities
– Food
– Accommodation
– Transport
This is a basic overview of the main aspects to consider when planning your event, but it only really scratches the surface of what it can take to bring an even together, there’s oh so much more that can be added to make that original dream you had a reality!

These are all mounting up very quickly and costs are getting higher and higher! How do you stay in budget?

How much do we cost?

How much do we cost?

Panoptic generally charge 15% on top of all pre-contracted work. This is accommodation, transportation, entertainment, F&B and anything else required to run the event.
Other costs include Office Day Rates – pre-determined in the proposal stage – plus onsite event management costs. These people costs are separate.

How We Create Your Proposal

We will talk over all of this in our initial meetings and will go over everything you will need to make your event a success. At the proposal stage, we will give you the current rates for all of the suppliers including the venues, accommodation and entertainment. We also use a live events budget sheet to ensure all costs are presented in advance, and we all stay within your budget. Anything to be added will be agreed in writing in advance.

Generally, we find most costs are covered in the proposal stage. We do all of this to ensure we can bring together the best event possible for you while still maintaining your complete peace of mind.


About How We Work & Our Suppliers

Panoptic Events are linked to suppliers all over the world and can help you create your perfect event anywhere within your budget. You can see how we work here…