Welcome to Prague, a city straight from the pages of your favourite fairy-tale. With cobbled streets, gorgeous buildings, castles, and a buzzing nightlife Prague has so much to offer! Check out the history of the place or check out one of the bars where the beer is cheaper than water – your choice! Whatever you want to do with your time in Prague, here are Panoptic’s picks for the top five hotels in Prague.

The Julius Prague

The Julius is undoubtedly one of the most stunning hotels around. Decorated in entirely on trend fashionable neutrals, from the conference rooms and the events space to the bar. This hotel is not one to miss!

The Julius Prague
The Julius Prague

The Julius caters to any kind of stay. The gorgeously outfitted rooms, state of the art fitness suite and attentive staff guarantee luxury and relaxation whereas the multitude of different meeting and events spaces mean there’s the flexibility to host whatever event or function you please here. From small spaces perfect for team days away to larger rooms with top of the range presentation technology for bigger meetings and conferences. Not to mention the gorgeous and sleek spaces perfect for events such as big launches and celebrations! 

Augustine, a Luxury Collection Hotel

The Augustine lies in Prague’s Lesser Town, just in the shadow of the castle meaning that you’re guaranteed the fairy-tale feel of Prague here! However, it’s not just the district the hotel lies in that gives it its magical vibe – the hotel itself is actually comprised of a number of important historical buildings, making it an entirely unique stay and space to hold your event.

The Augustine
The Augustine

The hotel gets its name from the 13th century Augustine Monastery which it is attached to. Excitingly, the monastery is still active and has a number of monks still living and practicing within its halls! Furthermore, the hotel is interconnected with the gorgeous, nearly 800-year-old Barouqe St Thomas’ Church, a building that is instantly recognisable in the skyline of Prague! The hotel offers special tours that allow their guests to experience a true Augustine Monastery, this gorgeous church, and a historic 13th century library, all without having to step foot outside of the comfort of the Augustine. We cannot stress enough how unique this space is, steeped in centuries of Czech culture! 

The Augustine Prague

You can even experience all of this culture from the comfort of your own bed, as most of the rooms within the hotel are comprised directly of the old Monastery, with rooms being made up of two to three monks’ cells. This means that each room is entirely unique and holds its own secrets about the history of the Monastery. The unique rooms were each designed individually by Olga Polizzi – famed British interior decorator and combine the history of the hotel with contemporary Czech style to create spaces that will delight every guest. The history carries down to the bars and restaurants of the hotel, with the Augustine restaurant located in the courtyard of the Monastery and The Refectory restaurant located in the former dining hall of the Monastery, adorned with gorgeous original 19th century frescoes depicting angels brandishing the banner of the monk’s order.

Andaz Prague by Hyatt

The Andaz hotel is another on our list that finds its home in a gorgeous historic building. Situated in Senovážné Square in the heart of Prague’s historical district, the Andaz makes its home in the Sugar Palace, a building dating back to 1916 and formerly the headquarters of the Sugar Industry Insurance Association, making this hotel an authentic piece of Prague’s architecture and history!

Andaz Prague by Hyatt Prague

The hotel has the most stunning meeting and events spaces inside, making ample use of the historic building to create spaces that feel both elegant and luxurious. The hotel can accommodate a variety of different events, from small private dinners to cocktail receptions and conferences. Rooms available for meetings include gorgeous wood panelled rooms with glittering chandeliers and ornate fireplaces but if that’s not your style not to worry! The hotel also offers modern, bright and airy spaces so there’s a style to suit every need!

Andaz Prague by Hyatt Meeting Room For Events

The Marriot Prague

The Marriot is an iconic name anywhere. It is a guarantee of top-class service and comfort and here in Prague it’s no different! Perfectly situated in the heart of the Old Town, the Marriot is a modern oasis amongst all of this history. Expect sleek clean lines, ultra-modern tech, and understated luxury.

The Marriot, Prague Bar
The Marriot, Prague - Meeting room for events

The hotel has ample space for meetings and events of any kind – from rigid boardrooms and conference rooms for your more serious affairs to more organically decorated spaces that inspire creativity!
The hotel also has a stylish bar and kitchen that is perfect for a bite to eat and a few drinks. The Artisanal restraint prides itself on using locally grown Czech produce and cooking all meals in house. If you love the food, then the hotel can be brought on board to provide inhouse catering for events and conferences, from the smallest meeting to the largest event!

The Stages Hotel

Looking for a different side of Prague? The Stages hotel sits in the shadow of the iconic O2 Universium – a huge arena with space for large exhibitions, conferences and of course – iconic concerts. The O2 arena and Universium is the largest conference and events centre in the whole of Prague, your go to location for seriously huge events. You’ll be right in the mix and hubbub of these large events here, with the Stages hotel being the go-to hotel for those attending these large events. With modern rooms filled with décor and creative touches that invokes the atmosphere of the stage and music, you constantly feel the excitement of the event.

The Stages, Prague, O2 Arena Hotel

The Stages doesn’t only have its proximity to a huge events space to offer however, as it also boasts several events and meeting rooms in the hotel itself, the perfect place to hold your own afterparty! The hotel has a total of 661 sqm of events space spread out across 7 event rooms. Hold an event for 120 people in their largest room or spread your conference out across them all to up the capacity to around 300, the choice is yours! A serious plus of the Stages Hotel is the inhouse catering offered for your events coming directly from their backstage Bar and Restaurant.

The Stages Hotel, Prague - Restaurant & Bar for Events

Found a venue that takes your fancy? 

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