Welcome to Lake Bled! A gorgeous part of Slovenia surrounded by the picturesque Julian Alps. Only a short while away from the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, Lake Bled makes for the perfect wellness retreat away from the hustle and the bustle of the city. Lake Bled has crisp mountain air and gorgeous blue water that’s just perfect for swimming, what more could you want from your retreat? That’s why in this blog we’re looking at Lake Bled through the lens of wellness, showcasing some hotels and incentives with a focus on self-care and living well, so follow along to see the top wellness hotels and incentives in this gorgeous part of Slovenia!

Top Wellness Hotels and Incentives in Lake Bled

Top 3 Hotels in Lake Bled

Grand Hotel Toplice Lake Bled

Dating back to 1931, this hotel is Lake Bled’s oldest, meaning if you want a bit of world glamour during your time in Slovenia – this hotel is for you! The Grand Hotel Toplice is located directly on the shores of Lake Bled, meaning the hotel offers gorgeous panoramic views of the beautiful lake, and it means you’re only ever a few steps away from the beach! The hotel even has its own private beach, with a gorgeous deck over the water featuring comfy sun loungers and diving boards to make immersing yourself in the gorgeous lake bled as thrilling as possible!

The Julius Prague
The Julius Prague

If swimming in the lake doesn’t sound like your idea of the perfect wellness retreat, then not to worry as the Grand Hotel Toplice has a beautiful wellness centre with a thermal spring water pool that is frequently replenished for you to enjoy. The wellness centre at the Grand Hotel Toplice also features a sauna, a decadent Turkish Hamman and a number of massage and beauty treatments for you to enjoy!

Adora Luxury Hotel

The Adora is true luxury encapsulated. Found in a villa dating back to the 1800’s and refreshed before opening as a hotel in 2012. Due to its boutique location and setting a bit further along the lake, the Adora is perfect for those who are seeking a relaxing, private retreat. The hotel is gorgeously outfitted with luxury furnishings, with each boutique room decorated individually. We guarantee your time spent at the Adora will be in complete confort.

Take in the sun, the mountain air and gaze across the gorgeous lake from the outdoor patio area with a glass of your favourite tipple in hand!

The Augustine

Rikli Balance Hotel

This hotel is hyper focused on ensuring your time in Bled is as nourishing as it can be! The hotel takes its name from Arnold Rikli, the Swiss Physician credited with turning Lake Bled into the wellness resort it is today! Arnold Rikli believed in capitalising on the natural enviroment of Lake Bled – the water, fresh air and the sun- as the foundation of his wellness ideas and this ethos is still carried on by the Rikli Balance Hotel.

Andaz Prague by Hyatt Prague

The Rikli Balance hotel has an extensive spa and wellness complex with a wide variety of amenities available! The hotel even boasts the largest pool complex in the Gorenjska region! Lounge in the hot tub, the indoor or outdoor thermal pools, relax in the outdoor Finnish inspired sauna that features gorgeous views of the lake and the castle or treat yourself to the rejuvenating experience showers! The possibilities are endless at this inclusive wellness complex!

Andaz Prague by Hyatt Meeting Room For Events

Top 3 Wellness Incentives

Sail to Bled Island

There’s nothing more relaxing than a sail across the picturesque lake! Jump into a Pletna boat and experience the gorgeous views out across Lake Bled as you are rowed to the famous island at the centre of the lake. There is also the option to rent a boat and row yourself across the lake for the more adventurous among us! When you reach the island feel free to explore the gorgeous Church of The Assumption of Mary – a gorgeous historical chapel found nestled on Bled Island!

The Marriot, Prague Bar
The Marriot, Prague - Meeting room for events

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Imagine floating peacefully across a crystal blue lake, taking in the views of the surrounding alps all while the sun rises. Sounds amazing, right? Good thing you don’t have to simply imagine this as Lake Bled is a hot spot for hot air balloon rides – and quite rightfully so, there’s so much gorgeous scenery to take in! Put your inhibitions aside and jump in a hot air balloon for a truly once in a life time experience that deserves its place on the list of top wellness hotels and incentives in Lake Bled!


Wine Tasting

Did you know Slovenia is famous for its wine? Treat yourself to a decadent wine tasting experience and try some of the best Slovenia has to offer. Tour Slovenia without ever leaving the wine cellar as an expert sommelier guides you around the regions of Slovenia glass by glass as they tell you the facts about the gorgeous wines and the regions the originate from! Tuck into beautifully paired appetisers alongside the gorgeous wines for a luxurious experience!

The Stages, Prague, O2 Arena Hotel

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