Welcome to Madrid! The capital city of Spain, Madrid is a bustling metropolitan hub of a city absolutely teeming with life and is just waiting to be explored! Cheerful and constantly alive with energy – here at Panoptic, we love Madrid! With how beloved Spanish gastronomy is across the world and with how many Michelin stars there are scattered across this wonderful city, we though what better to do than to take you on a whistle stop tour of the top luxury restaurants in in Madrid! So, make sure you’re hungry and follow along for Panoptic’s picks for the best luxury places to eat in Madrid!

Sala De Despiece

Run by chef Javier Bonet, this tiny restaurant is truly an experience! The restaurant offers upscale tapas, traditional to the vibrant area of Chamberí where the restaurant can be found. Step inside and take in the quirky décor – this restaurant models itself after a butchers shop, with hooks and knifes abound and a private dining space modelled after a cutting room, making for a quirky dining experience!

The Julius Prague
The Julius Prague

Ramón Freixa at Hotel Único Madrid

Tucked away at the luxury Hotel Único in the heart of Madrid lies the twice Michelin starred restaurant Ramón Freixa. This restaurant is worth a visit for those seeking decadent, creative cooking in a luxurious setting. Sit down and tuck into some of the most inventive and gorgeous cooking you can imagine from the titular Catalan chef, and afterwards wash it down with a drink on the restaurants gorgeous glass fronted terrace!

China Crown

Try something unexpected! The Michelin recommended China Crown is an elegant restaurant taking inspiration from the far east. A Madrid staple, China Crown has been delivering high quality Asian food to the people of Spain since the early 80’s, leading the way as Spanish palates began to show an interest in Chinese food! Eat here for high quality food and inspired décor! We recommend tucking into the restaurants gorgeous Bao buns, or following along with their Silk Road tasting menu to try a bit of everything!

The Augustine
The Augustine


Fine dining in an industrial-chic concept venue. Dine here for something fresh, urban and unique. Two Michelin starred, DSTAgE creates a fusion of Spanish, Mexican and Japanese cooking that is absolutely mind blowing. Expect tasting menus, wine pairings and a funky arty venue paired with a fresh and cool events and studio space! Notable mention as well is the Michelin recommend DSPEAK, the sister restaurant to DSTAgE and an amazing experience in its own right!

Paco Roncero

Located in a grand 19th century building, the Madrid casino – this high class restaurant is a go-to for fine dining. The glorious historic building, bright and trendy décor and the rooftop terrace offering some of the best views of Madrid are all absolutely fantastic, and that’s all before we’ve got to the food! You probably all know what’s coming here but this wonderous restaurant is twice Michelin starred – and for good reason! The titular chef creates Avant Garde menus that blend together different many different palates to serve up mind blowing culinary experiences!


The Augustine Prague

The most interesting part of the restaurant is the intriguing workshop. A constantly changing space designed to the heighten the senses of all attendees, the workshop was a dream of the chef to create a multisensory space and experience that could provoke true emotion and feeling through gastronomy. Dine here for a once in a lifetime experience!

Gaytan Restaurant

The – of course – Michelin starred restaurant by Chef Javier Aranda is a stunning concept space where the guest get to watch the expert chefs create their food in front of their very own eyes! A benchmark within the city, this spacious, airy, and modern restaurant is a must for all those who are seeking elegant, decadent food! The large sleek, oval kitchen set in the centre of the room removes the traditional barrier between chef and guest and unites everyone on their culinary experience!

Andaz Prague by Hyatt Prague

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