Welcome to Bratislava – the breath taking capital of Slovakia. Found along the banks of the picturesque Danube River and surrounded with vineyards and the Little Carpathian Mountains, this city has so much beauty on offer! This gorgeous city is not just for nature and beauty lovers however, night owls will also find lots to love here! Bratislava has a roaring nightlife – from concerts to clubs to trendy converted industrial venues- there’s a bit of something for everyone here! So, whatever your vibe, follow along with us while we try and answer the question of “What are the top venues in Bratislava?”.

Top Venues in Bratislava 

Llanerch Vineyard, Cardiff Hotel Venue

This space is one that is truly unique – a converted factory in a bustling up and coming area of Bratislava, the Jurkovič Heating Plant has been transformed into a chic multipurpose venue. Featuring modern co – working space, a hip eatery, arts exhibition space that’s always filled with something interesting and a multipurpose venue space just perfect for hosting your own event!

Holm House Hotel, Cardiff Venue

Found in downtown Bratislava on the scenic banks of the River Danube, the Grand Hotel River Park is a luxury venue with a lot to offer. Enjoy their wellness suite, situated on a high floor of the hotel it offers panoramic views of the river and city, entirely unmatched – a theme throughout this hotel as it capitalises on its beautiful location to offer gorgeous views at every point.


Holm House Hotel Spa Pool, Cardiff Venue

Furthermore, the Grand Hotel River Park is home to the biggest hotel wine cellar in Slovakia, with over 300 Slovak and international wines just waiting to be tasted. With an expert sommelier on hand, this gorgeous wine cellar, coupled with the accoladed Riverbank restaurant can be utlised to create the perfect pairing for every occasion, for the smallest of events to the largest.

Celtic Manor Resort, Cardiff Event Venues

A venue for those looking for an event with cinematic flair. A4 Film and TV studio is a large events space with a capacity to hold an amazing array of functions. With in-built studio lighting, an entirely blacked out venue, spidercam technology and much more – the limit to what you can do with this space is endless. It’s a blank canvas simply waiting for an amazing truly experiential event to be held there. From presentations, to raves, to launches, there’s really  no limit to what can be done here.

Cardiff Castle, Fairytale Event Venues

A sprawling events space at the heart of a lively community, the venue is home to everything from concerts and art exhibitions to farmers markets!  The Old Market Hall boasts some 2500 square meters of events space, making it one of the largest venue spaces in Bratislava. The space is entirely diverse, and can be set up in any number of configurations. It has even been used as part of an entirely interactive art project!

Cardiff Castle, Banquet Hall, Event Venues

The venue itself is absolutely stunning, with an old charm about it. However, that’s not to say it’s out of date! The venue itself is forward thinking and modern, featuring elements like a green roof and community garden that contributes towards making the venue more sustainable! The venue is also home to a number of hip bars and eateries and there’s even a brewery in the basement!

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