New Episodes of ‘The Event Makers’ Podcast, Out Now!

Here at Panoptic, we’ve been busy. Most of the office has been on their travels lately and our CEO, Craig McGee, is in the middle of one of his longest and most intense journeys yet ( You can read about some of the stops on his journey in our recent MICE blogs here) – bouncing around the globe and meeting with different experts from throughout the MICE industry.  You know us though; we thrive on bouncing about the globe! In fact, we do some of our best work on our travels! We are excited to announce that you can now follow our journey as we share our best discoveries in a whole new host of episodes of our podcast “The Event Makers” on our YouTube channel here!

The new episodes for this podcast have been gathered across Craigs travels and feature thought leaders and industry heads from the MICE industry! Craig himself said, “I’ve realised I’m in a fantastic position to be meeting the owners of forums and key players within the events industry, by using this opportunity to tell their stories and learning from them we get to further Panoptic’s and my own personal value of education.” And now we get to share it with you!

Tune in to the new episodes of The Event Makers!