Welcome to gorgeous cosmopolitan Barcelona. Capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, Barcelona is a bustling coastal city famous for all the gorgeous art and architecture it holds. That’s not all that Barcelona has to offer though, it’s a wonderful city full of wonderful experiences! A bustling nightlife, decadent restaurants, and countless unique experiences! With so much going on in Barcelona, how do you know where to start? That’s where we come in to help! Follow along for Panoptic’s picks for the top 5 incentives in Barcelona!

Top 5 Incentives in Barcelona 

Poble Espanyol


A must do with your time in Barcelona and an incentive hand-picked by our CEO Craig as one of his favourites during his recent trip to Barcelona, Poble Espanyol is a gorgeous open-air architectural museum, only a stone’s throw away from the breath taking Magic Fountain of Montjuïc. A fantastic space to spend a day or to put on an astoundingly unique event!

The Julius Prague
The Julius Prague

The museum is absolutely amazing, built in 1929 for the Barcelona International Exhibition, the museum contains a number of amazing full-scale replicas of amazing buildings and examples of architecture from across Spain. You’ll find everything here from a traditional Andalusian neighbourhood to Catalonian monasteries and everything in between!

The museum also features an amazing handicraft centre where you can get stuck into the culture and learn how different generations of artists across Spain’s history worked their craft in one of their many workshops. Furthermore, if you’re not tired yet there’s a contemporary art museum within the enclosure too and a number of gorgeous different restaurants to sample!

Cruise The Coast!

Hop aboard one of Barcelona’s iconic pleasure boats, Las Golondrinas – traditional open top, wooden boats – and sail along the gorgeous Barcelona coastline! These boat tours are an amazing way to take in the sun, the beautiful Mediterranean Sea air and the amazing views of the coast. Not to mention you’re literally hopping abroad part of Barcelona’s history!

The Augustine
The Augustine

Can Calopa De Dalt Vineyard

Head over to Can Calopa de Dalt, the only winery with vineyards in the city of Barcelona! Featuring a century old farmhouse, Can Calopa produces gorgeous organic wines and artisanal oils. Take a guided tour through the vineyard and learn all about the grapes and their processes of organic wine growing and oil making! The wine and oil you get to sample at the end tastes even better when you know exactly where it came from and how it was made!

The stunning farmhouse on the property can even be used as a venue space, of course making it entirely unique as it’s the only vineyard venue in all of Barcelona!

Go Canyoning!

Feeling something active? Something to get the blood pumping? Set your sights towards the mountains just to the west of Barcelona, just perfect for canyoning, a heart stopping activity where you make your way down through ravines. With several different trails to try this activity is accessible for beginners to seasoned pros.

Head over to the gorgeous mountains with an expert guide and begin your canyoning journey. From the hikes to the descent through the mountain rivers, the activity is exciting and promises one-of-a-kind breath taking views all at once!

Andaz Prague by Hyatt Prague
The Marriot, Prague Bar

La Sagrada Famillia

Don’t miss out on the chance to watch one of the wonders of the world take shape right before your very eyes, head over to La Sagrada Familla and take a tour of the UNESCO Heritage Site. La Sagrada Familla is an unfinished masterpiece of design and definitely deserves its place in the top 5 incentives in Barcelona. Currently the largest unfinished Catholic Church in the world, construction of La Sagrada Familla began in 1882 and is still ongoing today, over 100 years later. The building is an amazing wonder of architecture and we have no doubt you’ll be blown away! 

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