Welcome to Lake Como, one of the most gorgeous areas of the world! With good food, beautiful scenery and plenty to do, we think Lake Como would make the perfect destination for you to host your next event. However, with that being said, where do you get started? That’s where we come in! Follow along for the top 5 incentive events in Lake Como to help give you some inspiration for your next event!

Top 5 incentive events in lake Como

Top 5 Incentive Events in Lake Como

Fly Seaplanes across the Lake!

A once in a lifetime experience available year round, treat your guests to a flight in some amazing sea planes over the gorgeous Lake Como! Swoop and soar across the lake with a variety of options that can suit everyone, from trips to Bellagio and back to brief skips – Discover Lake Como in a way you’d have never had the opportunity to do otherwise! Find hidden nooks and crannies or simply enjoy the birds-eye view! It’s even possible to get flying lessons and learn to fly one of these amazing seaplanes yourself!

The Julius Prague

Boat Tour Across Lake Como!

We couldn’t possibly have made a list of the top 5 incentive events in Lake Como without including this one! Charter a yacht or an old fashioned power boat and sail across Lake Como in style. Experience true luxury that will blow your guests away with your own personal charter and cruise across Lake Como in unparalleled style! Soak up the sun, explore the lake and have some of the best fun of your life doing it!

The Augustine

Take a Pasta Cooking Class!

Attend a pasta cooking class in Como and experience true and authentic Italian cooking! Taught by expert chefs, learn traditional pasta making methods and create some wonderful dishes using fresh, local produce! Learn about the region as you go along as you cook native dishes of the Lombardy region and of course, chat away over aperitivo like proper Itallians!

Andaz Prague by Hyatt Prague

Go on a Private Truffle Hunt!

Experience the gorgeous mountains and take part in a totally unique activity, all at once! Head off on a truffle hunt through the mountains with a local chef and learn all about what makes truffle so special! Experience the great outdoors and take in some of the beautiful views you get from the side of the mountains! Does that sound good? We’re not even at the best part yet, your chef guide will escort you back down the mountains and then proceed to whip you up some amazing tasty treats with the truffles you found out on your hunt, and we all know food tastes so much better when you have picked it yourself!

The Marriot, Prague Bar

Food Tour

What better way to experience Lake Como than to eat and drink your way around it! Get a handle for the town’s foodie scene and sample some mouth watering delights along the way! See the most famous landmarks of Lake Como and learn local secrets from your guide along the way. Sample some amazing Italian wines and cheeses and nibble on some of the best gastronomy the region has to offer! You won’t want to miss out!

The Stages, Prague, O2 Arena Hotel

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