Welcome to Lapland! A gorgeous year round winter wonderland filled with magic, snow and Santa! Lapland is such a unique destination choice filled with wonderful and equally unique incentive experiences for you to enjoy! With such an unusual choice of destination, you might be wondering where to start planning your next incentive trip to Lapland, not to worry though, we have you covered. Follow along with our MICE guide to find out what Panoptic’s picks for the top incentives in Lapland are and find some inspiration for your next incentive trip!

Top Incentives in Lapland!

Go on a Northen Lights Tour

An absolute must for any trip to Lapland, a trip to see the Aurora Borealis! We’ve all seen the beautiful pictures of them, the northern lights are a world famous illusive natural phenomenon that is on so, so, many bucket lists. This far north in Lapland, you have an amazing chance of being able to see the amazing northern lights, so why not book a tour to go see them up close? Not to mention you get the chance to see some gorgeous arctic scenery along the way and learn more about the science behind the northern lights and the natural history of Lapland with your own expert tour guide! This is an absolute must for any visit to Lapland and undoubtedly one of the top incentives in Lapland!

Kayaking Algarve

 Husky Sledding

Another pick that is undoubtedly one of the top incentives in Lapland, husky sledding or Mushing! An iconic activity in the Arctic, take to the snow for an exhilarating incentive and be dragged across the tundra by huskies. Huskies are amazing dogs, built for the cold weather who have been bred specifically to be able to pull these sleds. The dogs also enjoy doing it too! These amazing dogs are a fantastic way to see the country and it’s undoubtedly a thrilling way to do it as well for the adrenaline junkies among us! You won’t regret this one!

Jeep Safari Trip in the Algarve

Cruise on an Icebreaker

Take a cruise on an icebreaker! An icebreaker is a ship strong enough to break through arctic ice sheets entirely safely and without doing any damage to the ship while it does it. These amazing ships give you the opportunity to see the arctic up close in a totally unique way. These amazing cruises allow you to experience some amazing things, like walking on the sea ice next to the ship and swimming in the arctic in the path the ship has broken for you! Sounds a bit cold? Not to worry, an amazing meal can be waiting for you when you get back on board! These ships may be functional but that’s not to mean that they aren’t luxurious too! With stewards and chefs aboard, your every need can be catered to on these arctic cruises.


Hotel Motto Suite

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