Airth Castle Private DMC – Case Study

Panoptic were hired by a private Swedish client to facilitate a fantastic experience in Scotland! Our client, with 120 guests flew into Edinburgh on a chartered plane and were transported to a weekend incentive in the gorgeous Airth Castle and scenic Edinburgh. 

In the days leading up to the event, Panoptic were responsible for, and built a new venue on the castle grounds in a temporary marquee! This new venue featured a number of different safety elements such as non-slip flooring and included a kitchen, bathrooms, and a full dining hall where we brought in furniture, a stage, event design and production to create a space with a distinct Scottish feel. This space was used across the incentive trip in addition to two rooms provided by the castle in which to host some of the events.

Holi One

Guests were transported to the castle on the first day and treated to a sing-along lunch with a live band after check in. That night, all of our Scandinavian guests were met at the hotel reception by a piper who walked them to the marquee for a ‘relaxed’ Scottish Ceilidh, which featured cultural elements such as Highland Dancers and a quintessential Scottish dinner, and was followed with a DJ so guests could dance the night away into the wee hours of the morning. 

The next morning, guests were taken to Edinburgh on one of four incentive trips – a food tour, tartan making, clay pigeon shooting or a photography lesson. When guests arrived back after a morning of fantastic incentives they were treated to a barbecue lunch in the marquee with a DJ playing ambient music. The event design of the marquee had been changed while the guests were away to a different style to keep the venue feeling new and fresh for the guests! Later in the day the guests were brought down for pre-dinner cocktails, where the guests were brought to a cocktail area that had a green screen and photo-booths set up for the guests enjoyment which they had aces to all night. When it was time for dinner, the guests walked through dry ice smoke to dinner towards a curtain which was pulled back to reveal the amazing Cairn String Quartet! Dinner this night was a formal sit down meal for all guests as a part of the clients birthday celebrations. After dinner, our DJ was joined by a saxophonist. The two musicians blended together to create an Ibiza style party atmosphere!

The next morning, to round off the event, we created a gourmet style brunch for the guests in the castle’s beautiful glasshouse. A lovely end to a fantastic incentive trip for our clients. 

The event lasted two and a half days, though Panoptic were on the site for a full six days. We were responsible for the external marquee and kitchen set up, building the toilets and installing tower lighting. We also handled all health and safety for the full event as well as all event management. Panoptic provided full event design, we also provided a calligrapher, full entertainment, event staff and crew for each day, full production across three venues, an incentive trip to Edinburgh, pipers and highland dancers. 

As this is an event for a private client Panoptic cannot share our own pictures of this event.

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