Azul Lisbon – Case Study

The third in a series of events for our marine conservation client , Azul, this event took us to the capital of Portugal – Lisbon! Panoptic, having spent a lot of time in the Portuguese capital, had a good understanding of venues to propose for this event and we were excited to get stuck in. As our client deals with the marine, we chose a stunning waterside venue with views of the river Tagus, the Christ the King statue and the Ponte 25 de Abril bridge. 

150 guests arrived at the riverside where they were greeted with a drinks reception, sunshine and a venue flooded with flowers. Panoptic made sure to source all food ethically to make sure that the event stayed in line with our clients sustainable ethos and told their story.

Holi One

The night featured Latin style music for our guests to enjoy as they danced the night away in the beautiful venue, surrounded by gorgeous decorations and wonderful scenery! 

Panoptic Events were responsible for full event management, venue sourcing, event design, entertainment, photography, booking flights for stakeholders, and ensuring sustainable practices throughout the event!

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