Azul Washington DC – Case Study

This event was our  first event on American soil, and our second in a string of events for our marine conservation client from the west coast of America, Azul! Panoptic was tasked with running two events on the same day, both for 200 people and we were excited to deliver for Azul! 

Our clients were launching a film and Panoptic provided a space for a special premier showing of this picture. After the screening we then had arranged a rooftop after party incentive for the guests which included food and custom made cocktails in the clients brand colours. We made sure there was live music so our guests could dance the night away. Panoptic also provided a number of event design elements for the two events such as cloth banners and reusable signage to tie in with the sustainable ethos of our clients! The film showing was a huge success and coincided with Capitol Hill ocean week!

Holi One

Panoptic provided venue sourcing, event and destination management, entertainment, event design, and production for these events.

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