Welcome to Gran Canaria, one of Spain’s beautiful volcanic Canary Islands. The gorgeous Canaries are known for their beautiful, otherworldly volcanic scenery and Gran Canaria is no different! Soak up the sun and enjoy the black lava beaches or take in the island’s amazing capital – Las Palmas. Gran Canaria is an amazing and unique destination for your next event or incentive trip so read along to discover the top incentives in Gran Canaria!

Top Incentives in Gran Canaria

Private Cruise 

Avoid the tourist hustle and bustle and treat yourself and your group to a private cruise around the island. Sail away on a yacht or a catamaran and see Gran Canaria from a different angle! Watch out for the dolphins as you sail out to sea!

Enjoy activities like snorkeling or scuba diving when out on the ocean, or even jump aboard a sea kayak! Tired after that? Enjoy a private lunch on the boat as you sail back to the island. This unforgettable incentive is one of the best wasps to spend a morning or afternoon in luxury! The versatility of this incentive makes it undoubtedly one of the top incentives in Gran Canaria!

Kayaking the Al Thakira Mangroves - Qatar Incentives

Horse Riding Tour 

Experience Gran Canaria in a truly unique way! Ride through the scenic countryside horse back and take in amazing views of the otherworldly volcanic landscape! 

With an expert tour guide, learn about the volcanic island and about its history as you and your group trot up beautiful unspoiled mountain paths and enjoy the spectacular views over the Maspalomas sand dunes! 

4x4 Desert Safari, Dune Bashing - Qatar Incentives

Kabuki Restaurant

Find this restaurant situated at the most southern point of Gran Canaria. Here you can find some of the most beautiful sunsets, the Maspalomas Lighthouse and some of the island’s finest gastronomy – your tastebuds will be amazed! The restaurant features both indoor and outdoor seating to allow you to soak up the island’s beating sun and take in the scenery of the sea and lighthouse. Inside the restaurant is fitted with sleek, trendy decor and simply feels like luxury throughout!

If the location isn’t enough to sell you on this restaurant then the food certainly will be. The restaurant features mouthwatering cuisine that sits somewhere between Japanese and Mediterranean, creating a unique fusion of flavours! We recommend trying the tasting menu – the sushi here is amazing.

Qatar's Falconry Heritage - Qatar Incentives

Banana and Coffee Plantation Tour 

Head up to the hills of Gran Canaria away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and resorts and get back to nature! Tour banana and coffee plantations and learn about the growing processes. One of the things that makes this a top incentive in Gran Canaria is that it allows you to experience a totally different side of the island than one seen by most tourists, not to mention it gives you a chance to sample some of the freshest coffee you’ll ever taste in your life!

Traditional Dhow Sail boat Experience, Qatar Incentives

Treasure hunt in the Vegueta Historic City Center


This incentive lets you tour the historic Old Town of Las Palmas in a totally unique way that places you at the center of your own adventure! Take part in a virtual treasure hunt that takes you across the Old Town and reveals to you different points of interest, landmarks and secrets about the town you would have missed otherwise. This incentive is a fantastic way to create a feeling of adventure and excitement! 

Hotel 3BH Faro

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