Welcome to Cádiz, the jewel of Andalusia! Nestled along the stunning Andalusian coastline, Cádiz is a vibrant destination, where history meets the allure of the sea. With its mesmerizing flamenco rhythms, mouthwatering tapas, and a cultural legacy that spans millennia, Cádiz is the perfect destination to explore on your next incentive trip. With so many exciting things to see and do, we’ve put together this list of the top incentives in Cádiz to get you thinking about planning your next incentive trip!

Top Incentives in Cádiz

Experience Flamenco

Declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2010, flamenco has very deep roots in the province of Cádiz and it is an absolute must for any who visit! In Cádiz, flamenco is a source of inspiration for many writers, poetes, and musicians and is its own artistic genre. Sit down with your group to a private performance of this beautiful art form and immerse yourself in the culture of flamenco! It’s undeniably one of the top incentives in Cádiz!

Visit to Algodonales

The Tasting Room – Wine and Tapas bar in Cascais

Experience the stunning natural beauty of Algodonales! With gorgeous scenery to experience by taking a bike tour through the countryside or with some of the best paragliding conditions in the world, Algodonales presents an opportunity for you to explore Spain’s stunning natural beauty.

Visit The Roman Enclaves in Ubrique and Espera

Eco-louge Palaphita, Dome restaurant Cascais

Explore the Roman history of Cádiz in Ubrique and Espera! In Ubrique you can tour the Roman mines of Lapis Specularis that are shrouded in history and legends about treasure and Moorish Princesses! In these mines visitors can step back in time by entering a cave that is more than 2,000 years old and explore the history of Roman mining with galleries and exhibits throughout!

In Espera you can explore Roman history through the archaeological site of Villas Viejas, a 1st century AD villa that allows visitors to step back in time and explore the ancient Roman way of life in this charming town!

Both of these lovely towns contribute to the rich historical tapestry of the province of Cádiz, showcasing the enduring legacy of Roman civilization in southern Spain. While you’re there to explore their Roman connections, why not look around and see what else these vibrant towns have to offer!

Situated in a fantastic location at the foot of the Natural Park of Los Alcornocales, Fuente Ymbro is a complex of farms that offers a warm welcome to groups coming to visit! Tour the farms and then sit down in the stunning surroundings for a tasting of some of the amazing produce created here. From honey, to olive oil, to goat’s cheese – everything from Fuente Ymbro is absolutely delicious and there’s such a wide variety of things to try.

Explore Olvera Old Town and Visit The Art Chapel

Olvera is a tiny town in the province of Cádiz that should absolutely not be missed out while on any trip to Cádiz! The town is full of beautifully scenic white houses and the skyline is crowned by a huge cathedral and an ancient castle which gives you a perfect view of the sunset! Wander around and spend an afternoon exploring the intriguing Andalus heritage, popular architecture, beautiful monuments and palatial manor houses then head over to the intriguing Art Chapel. 

You can find the Art Chapel set in a beautiful olive grove that once belonged to the founders, artist Miguel Sevillano, grandfather. The chapel is a gallery dedicated to neo-baroque paintings that also functions as a working artists studio! We think this makes for a unique stop on any trip to Olvera!

Visit Fatetar Castle in Espera

A mountain village, Espera is a typical Cádiz white town situated on the slopes of a hill and crowned by the ruins of a castle which overlooks the whole of the scenic village. Fatetar Castle is a 13th-15th century castle of which original parts, such as the keep and the wells, still stand intact today. Tour the castle and learn the history of this monument and the city it overlooks and treat yourself to a wonderful view of Espera from the grounds of the fortress!

Sherry Tasting at Miguel Domnec Winery

The wines of Cádiz have developed into some of the most beautiful and exciting in the world throughout the years, known for their quality and personality – especially the world famous sherry! Treat yourself and your group to a guided sherry tasting at a local winery and experience the true variety and depth of this lovely wine as you nibble on perfectly paired plates of spanish delicacies. This is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon and it’s undeniably one of the top incentives in Cádiz!

Get to know a Spanish icon in the Lola Flores Cultural Centre! Actress, bailaora and singer, Lola Flores is a Spanish pop culture icon and an icon of traditional Andalusian folk culture and this popular museum is dedicated to her life and work. Get to know the awe inspiring story of an icon by touring this museum, view exhibits containing her costumes and jewelry and join in with engaging interactive portions of the museum – this is definitely one of the top incentives in Cádiz!

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