Bienvenue to beautiful Nantes, one of France’s enchanting cities located in the picturesque Loire Valley! Nantes is renowned for its rich history, charming architecture, and vibrant cultural scene, so, whether you’re seeking historical landmarks or modern attractions, Nantes is the destination for you. Explore the fascinating Château des Ducs de Bretagne, stroll along the scenic banks of the Loire River, or delve into the city’s artistic side at Les Machines de l’Île, the possibilities offered by this amazing city are endless! With the perfect blend of tradition and innovation and so much to see and do, we thought we’d put together this blog on the top incentives in Nantes to give you more of a picture of what the destination has to offer and maybe to get you started thinking about your next incentive trip! So, follow along and find out more about the top incentives in Nantes!

Top Incentives in Nantes

Tour The City

Paddleboard Yoga Cascais - Sup com Alma

One of the best ways to familiarise yourself with a new city is to treat yourself to a guided tour! Learn from the experts as you immerse yourself in the culture and history of the city, learning secrets as you go. You can even taste the delights of the city as you go, exploring local markets, savouring fresh seafood and tasting Muscadet wine. This incentive is a brilliant icebreaker, a great way to bring the group together, and it builds appreciation for the wonderful city – making it an excellent way to kick off any incentive trip! 

The Tasting Room – Wine and Tapas bar in Cascais
The Tasting Room – Wine and Tapas bar in Cascais

A must do incentive when visiting Nantes is to tour the fabulous Gallery of Machines or Les Machines de l’Île! This captivating attraction showcases mechanical marvels, with the Great Elephant as its star.Standing at 12 metres tall and weighing 48 tons, the Great Elephant is a true spectacle. It roams the park, its lifelike movements and intricate design leaving visitors in awe. The best part? You can board this colossal creature for an interactive ride, experiencing its gears and levers up close.

One of our favourite parts about this amazing incentive is its commitment to sustainability. The Great Elephant runs on electricity and employs eco-friendly materials, aligning perfectly with Nantes’ spirit of innovation.

A visit here offers an extraordinary blend of art, engineering, and sustainability—an incentive experience that’s both educational and awe-inspiring. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy one of the top incentives in Nantes!

Eco-louge Palaphita, Dome restaurant Cascais

One of the fantastic venues hosting the Rugby World Cup 2023, formerly a venue of the FIFA world cup, and the home to FC Nantes is the astounding La Beaujoire Stadium! Here you can treat your group to a match, bond over a shared love for sports, immerse yourselves in local culture, and witness world-class athletes in action. What’s not to love? This is undoubtedly one of the top incentives in Nates!

Delve deeper into the rich cultural heritage of Nantes with a tour of the Musée d’Arts de Nantes! This museum is a treasure trove of artistic wonders and touring it with your group is an absolutely fantastic way to spend an afternoon. Immerse yourself in an array of masterpieces, including paintings, sculptures, decorative arts, and more. As you stroll through the galleries, you’ll encounter works by renowned artists that will ignite your imagination and stir your soul and the beautiful architecture only adds to the wonderful experience!

Visit Trentemoult

A former fishing village on the banks of the Loire River, Trentemoult is known for its colourful architecture and gardens full of palm trees. Spend an afternoon exploring this unique area of Nantes! Wander through cobblestone streets, discover artisan boutiques, galleries, cafes and see how the local art scene thrives here, with many artists calling this village home. It’s a place where creativity knows no bounds. We recommend stopping in for a bite to eat or a cocktail at La Civelle if you have the time, it’s absolutely amazing!

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