Welcome to Prague, a city straight from the pages of your favourite fairy-tale. With cobbled streets, gorgeous buildings, castles, and a buzzing nightlife Prague has so much to offer! Check out the history of the place or check out one of the bars where the beer is cheaper than water – your choice! Whatever you want to do with your time in Prague, here are Panoptic’s picks for the top incentives in Prague.

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Top Incentives in Prague 

Vltava River Cruise 

See Prague from a different angle with a cruise of the Vltava River. This incentive is a fantastic way to see the city from the iconic river that winds through the city as you sail past iconic landmarks and under the city’s many iconic bridges. Take the cruise at daytime for prime visibility or at nighttime to see the city lights sparkle. You can even host a private dinner aboard one of the beautiful modern boats or have a sunset cruise with champagne! 

The Julius Prague

Beer Spa Experience

Prague is iconic for its beer, and what better way to experience this element of the city than with a relaxing trip to a beer spa. Allow yourself and your group some pamper time as you experience a totally unique spa trip. A Beer Spa experience in Prague is not just a spa visit; it’s a cultural immersion into the heart of Czech beer tradition. Sample some Czech beers, immerse yourself in a beer bath and enjoy massages and beer infused treatments! This is absolutely one of the top incentives in Prague and an amazing way to treat yourself at the end of a busy trip.

The Julius Prague

Classic Car Tour

See the sights of the city in style with a classic car tour! This is undoubtedly the top incentive in Prague for car enthusiasts and as Prague is famous for its cold weather this is also an excellent way to see the city and stay toasty on your tour. With a private chauffeur-guide, tailor the tour to your preferences, cruising past iconic landmarks like Prague Castle and Charles Bridge. Capture memorable moments at key viewpoints and elevate the experience with culinary stops at local gems! You won’t regret booking this incentive. 

The Augustine

Take a Ghost Tour! 

Experience the mystical allure of Prague with a Ghost Tour, seamlessly blending history and supernatural tales. Guided by the enchanting glow of streetlights, explore iconic landmarks after dark and delve into the chilling ghost stories, haunted legends, and mysterious occurrences that shroud Prague’s cobblestone streets. Wander through candlelit alleys and discover the city’s spooky side with tales of ghostly apparitions and cursed locations. This spine-tingling incentive offers an unforgettable journey into Prague’s enigmatic and haunted history.

Andaz Prague by Hyatt Prague

Glass Blowing Workshop 

Just like beer, crystal is an important facet of the culture and history of Prague and this brilliant incentive lets you get to the heart of it! Led by skilled artisans, participants engage in hands-on glass blowing, crafting personalised pieces like ornaments or vases. Under expert guidance, the workshop ensures a safe and immersive experience in a traditional glass studio setting. A totally unique and unusual incentive, glass blowing is sure to be an exciting one for everyone and with the opportunity to take home your creation at the end of the session it gives your group a permanent memory of their trip. This is absolutely one of the top incentives in Prague.

The Marriot, Prague Bar

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