Welcome to the amazing and luxurious United Arab Emirates! From Dubai to Abu Dhabi, there’s so much going on here, from fast paced and exciting to chill and relaxing – this is the perfect destination for all kinds of incentive trips as there’s something for everyone. With so much going on in the United Arab Emirates we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the top sustainable incentive events in the UAE to make sure your next trip takes into account its environmental impact! We all have to do our bit for the planet and by making the choice to choose a sustainable incentive over one that is less environmentally conscious we can reduce our carbon output and have fun doing it. So, check out Panoptic’s picks for the top sustainable incentives in the United Arab Emirates!

Top Sustainable Incentives in The United Arab Emirates


Ride an Electric Abra

Enjoy a quintessential Dubai experience with a low environmental impact by taking a ride on an electric Abra. These electric Abras allow you to enjoy a traditional part of Dubai without having to use a petrol or diesel boat! So, immerse your group in the charm of Dubai’s cultural heritage with a serene incentive: a traditional Abra ride along the historic Dubai Creek! This experience transports participants to a bygone era, allowing them to traverse the bustling waterway in the iconic wooden boats that have been an integral part of the city’s history. This incentive not only provides a relaxing and culturally enriching experience but also fosters a sense of connection with Dubai’s maritime history. It is an absolute must for any trip to Dubai and definitely one of the top sustainable incentives in the UAE.

Enjoy a Sustainable Meal

Take in the famed luxury of Dubai by sitting down to a beautiful meal with your group! Dubai is leading the way in the UAE with its eco-friendly dining options. Here you can find everything from locally sourced food to 100% waste free menus. There are so many different options for sustainable dining in Dubai, you can try local arabic cuisine, to spanish and even japanese and still be eating sustainably – meaning every meal you have on your trip could be from an eco-friendly restaurant and you’d never run out of new things to try. This is an amazing way to enjoy the opulent luxury of Dubai sustainably.

Paddleboard Yoga Cascais - Sup com Alma

The Dubai Conservation Reserve is an amazing experience for those who want their trip to the UAE  to be sustainable. The DDCR was created to preserve the original landscapes and protect the indigenous flora and fauna of Dubai’s inland desert and it provides an authentic desert experience for people to enjoy the beauty of a natural environment and explore the living heritage of Dubai! The DDRC offers a number of different eco-friendly tours and experiences, meaning that there’s something for everyone here – from camel treks, falconry and sandboarding in the daytime to dinners under the stars and camping experiences in the nighttime, this reserve truly is a fantastic way to experience Dubai’s natural beauty without causing harm to the environment.

Abu Dhabi

The Tasting Room – Wine and Tapas bar in Cascais

Take in an area of amazing biodiversity and beauty in a way that’s got a low impact to the environment around you with a kayak through Mangrove National Park – an area of environmental conservation! Worlds away from skyscrapers and the bustling city nightlife of Abu Dhabi, this incentive offers serenity and the opportunity to get close to nature. This biodiversity hotspot includes salt marshes, mudflats, and algal communities alongside a host of wildlife such as a colourful community of crabs, turtles, herons, flamingos and fish living alongside larger creatures like foxes, dugongs and dolphins! Whether you embark on your tour on foot, kayak or speedboat – this is one of the top sustainable incentives in the UAE for the way it allows you to get close to the beautiful natural environment.

Eco-louge Palaphita, Dome restaurant Cascais

Many people think of Abu Dhabi as a bustling busy city, and that’s certainly part of its charm, but there is in fact so much exciting wildlife and natural beauty to see while you’re here! Head over to Al Wathba Wetland Reserve to check out the massive flock of flamingos that call this place home. This unique experience combines nature appreciation, environmental education, and the thrill of observing one of the most iconic bird species! Engage in an informative guided tour led by knowledgeable naturalists who can share insights into the behaviours, habitats, and migratory patterns of the flamingos. Learn about the importance of wetland ecosystems and the conservation efforts in place to protect these fragile environments. This is one of the top sustainable incentives in the UAE for those who love flamingos (and who doesn’t love flamingos?).

Kick back and relax in the year round sun that Abu Dhabi has to offer at Saadiyat Beach Club! Saadiyat Beach Club has been leading the way in the region with their sustainability practices and environmental conservation processes for a long time and they continue to provide a safe and thriving sanctuary for over 160 bird species, 250 + mountain gazelles and also a rejuvenation of native plants! Built along the shores of the picturesque Arabian Gulf, Saadiyat Beach Club is the perfect place to get away with family and friends and just relax for the day. Enjoy breathtaking natural beauty on a 9km stretch of Blue Flag-certified beach, take a cooling dip in the stunning pool, and sample sumptuous delights that the club’s restaurants and lounges have to offer. Opt for moreish Mediterranean at Safina, refreshing beverages and more on the sun-shaded veranda of De La Costa, or delicious dishes and drinks with a side of stunning views at Cabana 9. 

Aside from a glittering outdoor pool, this exclusive club is also home to a workout room, spa, sauna and steam rooms, and private cabanas and loungers set on the pristine, white beach. If you’re lucky, you might spot dolphins playing in the bay. Turtles may also make an appearance, with the club being part of a protected habitat where critically endangered Hawksbill turtles have nested for years.

Ras al Khaimah

Go Hiking!

Embark on an eco-conscious incentive with a hike in Ras Al Khaimah’s beautiful mountain ranges. Guided by local experts, the experience can offer guests an educational aspect by showcasing the region’s diverse ecosystems, flora and fauna that you will discover on your walk through the mountains!  If you’re not much of a hiker, don’t worry, routes are entirely customisable based on fitness levels with the shortest being only an hour and a half long. Consider sunrise or sunset hikes for a magical touch or organise a picnic at the summit! This will give you such a sense of fufillment and it is undoubtedly one of the top sustainable incentives in the UAE!

Soar across jagged mountain peaks and swoop through deep ravines at hair-raising speeds of up to 150 Km/h as you ride the worlds longest zipline, Jais Flight. This is an incentive for thrill seekers as three minutes of adrenaline-pumping adventure at 1680 metres above the Arabian Gulf will leave you with a once-in-a-lifetime sense of superhero magic. When partnered with sustainable travel practices and other considerations – the carbon footprint of this incentive is very small, making this one of the top sustainable incentives in the UAE!

Uncover the secret of sustainable pearl farming with this breathtaking and informative incentive! Ras al Khaimah is known as the ‘Pearl of the Gulf’ for a reason and a visit to a pearl farm is a must do for any trip here. The “Suwaidi Pearls” pearl farm is located in the small fishing village of Al Rams, nestled at the bottom of the majestic Al Hajar mountain range in Ras Al Khaimah. It is the world’s first Arabian pearl farm, which makes an incentive experience here feel even more special. Here you learn the history of pearl farming and diving, the process of how pearls are formed and you even get to take a beautiful Arabian pearl home with you as a souvenir of your adventure! We think this unique adventure is undoubtedly one of the top sustainable incentives in Ras Al Khaimah and a must on any trip to the UAE.

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