Welcome to Bratislava – the breathtaking capital of Slovakia. Found along the banks of the picturesque Danube River and surrounded with vineyards and the Little Carpathian Mountains, this city has so much beauty on offer! This gorgeous city is not just for nature and beauty lovers however, night owls will also find lots to love here! Bratislava has a roaring nightlife – from concerts to clubs to trendy converted industrial venues- there’s a bit of something for everyone here! So, whatever your vibe, follow along with us while we showcase our picks of the top incentives in Bratislava!

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Top Incentives in Bratislava

Danube River Cruise

Paddleboard Yoga Cascais - Sup com Alma

Treat yourself and your group to the fantastic experience of a cruise down the iconic Danube River! From a daytime cruise for optimal sightseeing to a sunset cruise with a glass of champagne in hand to take in the views and watch the city light up, this is undoubtedly one of the top incentives in Bratislava for just how flexible it can be to suit the needs of your group. Enjoy unrivalled views of some of the city’s most iconic landmarks from unique perspectives as you sail past points of interest such as the Bratislava Castle, Michael’s Gate, Primate’s Palace, and St. Martin’s Cathedral. You won’t want to miss out on this unforgettable incentive!

The Tasting Room – Wine and Tapas bar in Cascais

Looking for something totally unique? Head to Bratislava UFO for some of the best views of the city. The Bratislava UFO, perched atop the SNP Bridge, is an iconic structure with a futuristic design resembling a flying saucer. Housing an observation deck and a rotating restaurant, it offers panoramic views of Bratislava and the Danube River. An iconic symbol of the city, the UFO is illuminated at night and makes the perfect location for a statement dinner. Perfect for an event venue and undoubtedly one of the top incentives in Bratislava – this one is a must.

Cake Tasting Experience in The Old Town

Eco-louge Palaphita, Dome restaurant Cascais

Discover the delicious history of Slovak baking with this yummy incentive! Head to a cute and cosy cafe in Bratislava’s Old Town and sit down to a delightful array of cakes and pastries where you can taste your way through history as you’re guided through the story of both the dishes and Bratislava. This is absolutely one of the top incentives in Bratislava because who doesn’t love cake?!

Visit the Blue Church

The Blue Church, officially known as St. Elizabeth’s Church (Modrý kostolík or Kostol svätej Alžbety), is a distinctive Art Nouveau masterpiece. Recognized for its unique blue colour, the church stands out in the city’s landscape and is another absolutely iconic part of Bratislava. Take a tour of this church with an expert tour guide and find out the history of the building and the destination! Take in the unusual and exciting architecture and decor such as the intricate detailing and the pastel blue facade! This is a must explore for those looking for a cultural incentive in Bratislava.

Indulge in a wine tasting at the unique Slovakian National Collection of Wines – a showcase of the top 100 wines in Slovakia selected by experts such as sommeliers and the National Wine Salon of the Slovak Republic. You can find this experience in a chic wine cellar in the basement of the Museum of Viticulture and Enology in the Apponny Palace. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur, an enthusiast, or just along for the ride, this exceptional collection promises a journey through the rich and diverse flavours of Slovakia! 

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