Welcome to São Paulo! This bustling city is a global business hub, with a rich tradition and so many exciting things to see and do here. From the beautiful game to exciting experiences, Panoptic’s MICE guide will take you through the top incentives in São Paulo and give you some inspiration for that next incentive trip! So, read along and let’s get planning.

Top Incentives in São Paulo

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The São Paulo Football Museum offers an exceptional venue for corporate tourism. Nestled within the historic Pacaembu Stadium, it provides an immersive experience that combines the excitement of Brazilian football with corporate hospitality. Corporate visitors can enjoy tailored tours of the museum, exploring interactive exhibits and multimedia displays that highlight the country’s football heritage.

The museum’s versatile event spaces are perfect for hosting meetings, seminars, and networking events, with modern amenities and catering services available. Whether entertaining clients, rewarding employees, or fostering team spirit, the São Paulo Football Museum offers a memorable and impactful setting for corporate gatherings. With its iconic location and engaging atmosphere, it provides a unique opportunity to connect with Brazil’s vibrant culture and passion for the beautiful game, making it an ideal choice for corporate tourism initiatives.

Sé Cathedral

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The Sé Cathedral, a hallmark of São Paulo’s skyline, boasts neo-Gothic architecture and intricate sculptures. Completed in 1954, it offers a serene retreat in the heart of the bustling city, inviting visitors to admire its soaring spires and ornate stained glass windows. As one of Brazil’s largest cathedrals, it holds cultural and spiritual significance, drawing tourists and worshippers alike. A visit to Sé Cathedral provides corporate tourists with a glimpse into São Paulo’s rich history and architectural heritage, offering a tranquil respite amidst the city’s vibrant energy.

Take a Local Food Tour

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Embark on a curated corporate local food tour in São Paulo, where culinary delights await around every corner. Led by knowledgeable guides, your team will explore the city’s diverse neighbourhoods, discovering hidden gems and savouring authentic Brazilian cuisine.

Indulge in traditional dishes like feijoada, coxinha, and pastel, sampling flavours that reflect São Paulo’s multicultural heritage. Visit bustling markets, trendy eateries, and family-owned restaurants, gaining insight into the local food scene and culinary traditions.

This immersive experience fosters team bonding and cultural appreciation as you share memorable meals and engage in lively discussions about São Paulo’s gastronomic landscape. Whether networking over acai bowls in Vila Madalena or enjoying churrasco in Jardins, a corporate local food tour promises to tantalise your taste buds and leave a lasting impression on your team.

Art Lover? The São Paulo Art Museum (MASP) is a cultural icon renowned for its striking architectural design and impressive art collection. Its distinctive glass-and-concrete structure hovers above São Paulo’s bustling avenue, drawing visitors with its bold aesthetic.

Inside, a diverse array of artworks spanning centuries and continents awaits exploration. From Renaissance classics to modern masterpieces, MASP’s collection offers a comprehensive overview of art history and cultural expression.

Corporate visitors can enjoy guided tours of the museum, delving into the stories behind the artworks and gaining insights into artistic movements. MASP’s event spaces also provide unique settings for corporate gatherings amidst world-class art. A visit to MASP promises a memorable blend of cultural enrichment and architectural marvel in the heart of São Paulo.

Open Top Bus Tour

Embark on an unforgettable open-top bus tour of São Paulo, where panoramic views and expert commentary await. From the comfort of your seat, soak in the city’s bustling energy as you pass by historic sites, modern skyscrapers, and cultural hotspots. Learn about São Paulo’s rich history and diverse neighbourhoods while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine from the open-air deck. Ideal for corporate groups, this immersive experience offers a unique way to explore the city and create lasting memories with colleagues or clients. Whether for team-building, sightseeing, or simply enjoying the ride, the open-top bus tour promises an exciting and informative journey through the heart of São Paulo.

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