Welcome to Riga! This vibrant city is a blend of rich history and modern charm, offering a plethora of exciting activities and sights. As a cultural hub with a dynamic atmosphere, Riga is the perfect destination for your next incentive trip. Panoptic’s MICE guide will take you through the top incentives in Riga, from historical landmarks to unique experiences. So, read on and let’s get planning!

Top Incentives in Riga

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One of Riga’s top attractions is the intriguing Līgatne Bunker, a Soviet War-era structure built 9 metres underground to serve as a shelter for Latvia’s Communist elite during a nuclear war. Hidden for 30 years, it remained a secret even to nearby rehabilitation centre employees. Today, it offers a fascinating glimpse into Soviet history with authentic exhibits, including maps, diesel generators, air purification equipment, water supply systems, and a telecommunications centre with a Kremlin hotline.


Visitors can dine in the bunker, enjoying a 1980s-style meal with dishes like the ‘Kolkhoz combo,’ featuring soup, stewed fruit drink, and rye bread. For those seeking adventure, the reality game “Object X” lets participants act as secret agents on a mission to save their homeland from catastrophe. This unique experience of visiting a Soviet War-era bunker makes the Līgatne Bunker one of the top incentives in Riga!

Visit the Dome Cathedral and Climb to The Bell Tower

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A visit here is definitely one of the top incentives in Riga for history lovers! Almost as old as Riga itself, Doma Cathedral is the city’s spiritual heart. With construction begun by Riga’s first Bishop Albert in 1211, it has been a work in progress ever since, with Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque and even Art Nouveau elements in one harmonious whole. The interior holds many works of art, and the adjacent Cloister Garden displays intriguing artefacts from Riga’s history. And don’t miss a performance on the famous organ, built in 1884 and still considered today to be one of the finest instruments in the world.

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The Bobsleigh and Luge Track in Sigulda is one of only 18 such tracks worldwide, unique for its accessibility to visitors for attraction rides. This 1420-metre track features 16 curves and a 200-metre braking distance, offering thrills not just for professional athletes but for all visitors. Designed by Leipzig’s sports buildings’ scientific-technical centre and built by Yugoslavian company “Graming,” the track, commissioned in 1986, allows speeds up to 125 km/h and hosts international and national competitions.

Since 2010, Sigulda has been proud of its Olympic legacy, with locals like lugers Šics brothers and skeleton racer Martins Dukurs winning silver medals at the Vancouver Olympics. From November to March, rides on the soft bob “Vučko” and the “Frog” attraction let visitors experience high-speed turns and rapid curves, making the Bobsleigh and Luge Track a must-visit in Sigulda.

Want to fly? Then this will be one of the top incentives in Riga for you! Head over to Aerodium! It is a vertical wind tunnel that allows you to soar in the air – just like a free fall. Aerodium is the first vertical wind tunnel in Eastern Europe. Wind flow in the tunnel is so powerful that no wings are necessary to get in and fly. By changing the body’s position, the laws of aerodynamics allow you to rise in the sky, perform all sorts of movements and feel unbelievable emotions.

Food Tour of Riga Central Market

This is definitely one of the top incentives in Riga for foodies! Taste-test a quick-pickled cucumber, buy vegetables straight from the farm or nursery, treat yourself to a freshly-smoked eel, or try some of the many other delicacies here. UNESCO world heritage site, Riga Central Market is situated in the heart of Riga, a few hundred metres from Old Town on the banks of the River Daugava, next to Riga International Bus Terminal and Central Railway Station. It is not only one of the largest marketplaces in Eastern Europe, but also one of the most visited, as 80,000-100,000 people shop there per day on the average. At Riga Central Market, you can buy Latvian-grown and homemade products, exotic fruit and spices, as well as manufactured merchandise. The market includes 5 pavilions each with its own category – vegetables, dairy, meat, fish and gastronomy products, as well as an outdoor area with stalls and stands, the Night Market and ‘Round the Clock Farmers’ Market, which makes it the perfect destination to get to know Latvian culture through its food!

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