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Welcome to Stuttgart! This amazing German city has so much going on, especially in 2024 as it is one of the host cities of the exciting Euros! There is so much to see and do here, with fantastic cultural and leisure experiences as well as exciting MICE activities perfect for bringing a team together. Let us take you through our picks for the top incentives in Stuttgart and give you  some inspiration for that next incentive trip 

Top Incentives in Stuttgart 

Take a Tour of the Car Museums

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Stuttgart is synonymous with automotive excellence, boasting world-renowned car museums perfect for a corporate incentive trip. Start at the Mercedes-Benz Museum, showcasing over 160 vehicles from vintage classics to modern marvels, offering a comprehensive look at automotive evolution.

Next, visit the Porsche Museum, featuring a vast collection of models from early designs to contemporary sports cars. The interactive exhibits and stunning architecture make it a must-visit for car enthusiasts. Both museums offer guided tours, event spaces, and unique experiences, ideal for corporate outings, team-building activities, or client entertainment. Immerse yourself in the legacy of German engineering and design while fostering inspiration and innovation within your team.

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Another one of the top incentives in Stuttgart is attending a performance at the Stuttgart State Opera! Renowned for its world-class productions, this historic venue offers an unforgettable cultural experience. Enjoy a night of exceptional music, stunning sets, and captivating performances by top international artists. Whether you’re a fan of classic operas, contemporary works, or ballet, the diverse program has something to offer everyone. Attending a performance here not only provides entertainment but also immerses you in the rich cultural heritage of Stuttgart, making it an ideal choice for corporate outings and special events.

Take a Food Tour of the Stuttgart Market Hall

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Explore the culinary delights of Stuttgart by embarking on a food tour of the Stuttgart Market Hall. This historic market, housed in an Art Nouveau building, is a haven for food lovers, offering a diverse array of local and international delicacies.

Stroll through the bustling aisles and savour the flavours of fresh produce, artisanal cheeses, cured meats, and delectable pastries. Engage with local vendors to learn about traditional German foods and discover unique ingredients. The Market Hall also features specialty items from around the world, making it a global culinary experience.

Perfect for corporate incentives, this food tour provides an opportunity to bond over shared meals, enjoy tastings, and gain insight into Stuttgart’s rich gastronomic culture. Enhance team spirit and create lasting memories while indulging in the best of the city’s food scene.

Enjoy a Meal at Stuttgart TV Tower

Elevate your dining experience with a meal at the Stuttgart TV Tower. Standing tall at 216 metres, this architectural marvel designed by Fritz Leonhardt offers more than just panoramic views. The revolving restaurant allows you to savour delicious cuisine while enjoying 360-degree vistas of Stuttgart and the Swabian Alps.

Perfect for corporate events, the TV Tower provides a unique setting for meetings, dinners, or receptions. The blend of modern design and natural beauty creates a memorable atmosphere, ideal for impressing clients or treating your team.

Experience Stuttgart from new heights and make your next meal truly unforgettable at the Stuttgart TV Tower – this is absolutely one of the top incentives in Stuttgart!

Vineyard Excursion and Wine Tasting

Another one of the top incentives in Stuttgart is a vineyard excursion and wine tasting. Nestled in the scenic Swabian hills, Stuttgart’s vineyards offer a rich winemaking heritage. Begin with a guided tour through picturesque vineyards, learning about the grape-to-bottle process. After the tour, enjoy a curated wine tasting session featuring local wines, including Trollinger and Lemberger varieties. Expert sommeliers will guide you through the tasting, highlighting the unique flavours of each wine. This excursion combines education, relaxation, and local culture, making it perfect for corporate groups and team-building experiences.

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