10 Things We Learned in 2020

Here is what we learnt about the year that was 2020.

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2020 was a year of learning, adapting and supporting one another – Panoptic did just that. This e-book is full of the top ten things we have learnt about our industry, ourselves and everyone around us in 2020 – take a read.

Sustainability at Events

Creating a ‘Green Print’ for the event industry and other businesses.

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Announced as one of the biggest event trends of 2021, sustainability is a huge subject of interest. This e-book contains our main discussion points and findings from a Clubhouse event we hosted with Hannah Cox from betternotstop, and includes valuable insights, and resources for businesses to use to become more sustainable.

Monetising Online and Hybrid Events

Bringing a variety of ways you can monetise your next online or hybrid event.

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Online and hybrid events surged in 2020, and finding ways to generate an income from these events seemed very difficult. We have included a variety of ways you can monetise your next online or hybrid event, as well as how you can keep your audience entertained from the moment you begin planning to the days after your event.

Using The Five Senses in Events

A look into how you can utilise the five senses within event design.

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Engaging with the five senses can make your event unforgettable. Learn how to use each sense to make your event one of a kind. We have included some of the best examples of businesses and brands who have pushed the senses to the max!

Panoptic's Guide to Experiential Marketing

Our guide to experiential marketing.

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Read our guide to experiential marketing, learn why you need to get on this trend and the benefits behind it. Complete with examples of exceptional marketing experiences from acoss the globe – Download now! 

Event Failures - Resilience Tips From The Events Industry

It's time to see what Event Professionals have learnt from some of their event failures!

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Fyre Festival… The Superbowl black out… Just to name a couple!

Come and read about what event professionals have learnt from their event failures, from needing to know your audience to back up plans and more…

The Power of Storytelling and How To Master It

Learn how to utilise storytelling at your next event!

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Stories are a part of our lifestyle. However, what many people don’t know is the effect of a story for businesses, and in this case, events.


We have explained the importance of storytelling, provided prominent examples, and tips on how to master the art of storytelling for your event.

What Sponsors Really Want From Their Sponsorship

It's time to learn what the sponsors REALLY want!

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Businesses often sponsor events, trade shows, groups, or charity causes to reach specific business goals and increase their competitive advantage.
This e-book looks at what sponsors expect from their sponsorships and ways that could elevate their presence.

The Digital Age - Technology Within Events

Learn about how digital technology is ruling the events industry.

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Technology has given us brand new devices in recent decades, like smartwatches, tablets, and voice assistant devices.
But how has it affected the events industry? Let’s check it out!

Discover Scotland - Scottish DMC Brochure

Discover Scotland with Panoptic Events

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Let Panoptic Events show you across Scotland’s most iconic cities with our Scottish DMC brochure. Create your next legacy in Scotland with us.

Discover Ireland

Discover Ireland with Panoptic Events!

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With the help from our friends across the water, Panoptic Events are here to showcase Ireland and all it has to offer. It’s time to create your next legacy in Ireland with our assistance.

Online Event Experiences

Take your next event online. With the best studio equipment around, we can make your story a legacy.

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Online and hybrid events have taken off, so it’s time to take your online event to the next level. We have access to the best equipment in the industry, so why wait? Make your next online or hybrid event one to rememeber. 

Our Services

All our services in one place - just for you!

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Take a look at what we can provide you for your next event, from Destination Management to Experiential Marketing – we have something for you. Need information, contact us!